How To Be Big : Kalanick Give Ideas On Fifth Uber Anniversary

Time sure flies by, or in this case, drives by. Yes you read that write. Uber, the transportation network company that allows you to get a private cab or share a ride with the help of just an app, celebrated its fifth anniversary. The fifth Uber anniversary was celebrated with a press conference cum birthday party that saw employees, drivers and the press all flock together for the speech by the founders.

In the five years of service that the Uber app provided, connecting users to cab services, Uber has grown from a small startup to a billion dollar business today. In the fifth Uber anniversary the cab service company is valued at over $50 billion and Kalanick himself is valued at $5.3 billion.

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Travis Kalanick in the fifth Uber anniversary gave out a short but powerful speech to the ones present. It began with how the company was started, its achievements and roadblocks that it had faced in its five years of journey.

Here are a few tips that can be drawn from Kalanick’s speech in the fifth Uber anniversary.

Start small

To become successful, it is not necessary that you will have to begin in a large scale. Start small but start earnest. Your business will be successful only if you thrive on what you have. Uber, which started with just four people, now employs over a million drivers for its services. Thus, to be successful you need to be determined and work to achieve what you desire.

Provide a solution

Ideas For 5th Uber Anniversary

Your buisness will be successful if you are able to address the problem of your target audience. Providing a viable solution that is accepted by the audience is sure to click. Uber too began in the same fashion with its co-founder Garrett Camp looking for a solution to address the problem of unavailability of cabs as and when desired. Thus, the problem of a simple man gave an idea for a now-thriving business.

Accept faults

If you commit a mistake, accept it. That perhaps is the best way to deal with it. In the fifth Uber anniversary, Kalanick accepted that mistakes are bound to occur. However, one must not deny it. Uber has been in the limelight not once but many a times for multiple reasons. As Kalanick himself accepted saying, “Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect and neither is this company.”

Bottlenecks are common

No business can be a smooth running one. Each business goes through a tumulting phase. It is upon you whether you accept defeat or take it as a challenge. Coming out of a difficult situation in business is not easy. However it prepares you to be strong and to keep your head up so that you can emerge out with a successful business.


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