Amazon Free Shipping Of Small Goods To Begin Soon

If you have been thinking of purchasing a product in Amazon but were hesitant to order for the shipping charges, think no more. Amazon, the ecommerce site will be introducing free shipping for small goods. The Amazon free shipping of small goods is an initiative to further push up sales.

Amazon announced that it will be providing free shipping on popular small products like mobile accessories, make-up items etc. Amazon earlier used to charge an amount as shipping charge for items that cost less than a certain amount of purchase made. However, with the Amazon free shipping of small goods introduced, purchase of small products is likely to increase.

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Amazon also declared that buyers need not be a member of Amazon Prime to avail Amazon free shipping of small goods. This will be available to all buyers. Amazon has introduced this program especially for cost conscious buyers who tend to purchase small products of low value from the ecommerce store. It also plans to start a same-day delivery system around big metropolitans thereby improving its delivery services. This is sure to push their sales as more people join in to shop from their website. “Customers love that even if it’s a $5 item, shipping is free for everybody, Prime member or not,” said Neil Ackerman, a senior official at Amazon.

Amazon Free shipping Of Small Goods to Begin

With the introduction of Amazon free shipping of small goods, the ecommerce site can expect a rise in its Prime membership that provides added functions and benefits to the members. This Amazon Prime membership provides the members with a year’s subscription of free Amazon cloud services, an online video library and a year of free shipping of any products.

Imitating Amazon, its ecommerce rivals like and even Google is coming up with varied ideas to increase its shopper base. While eBay plans to introduce a loyalty program in Germany, has been in the lookout to start an online marketplace exclusively for its members.

Amazon already has over 40 million Amazon Prime members only from the US, according to Consumer Intelligence Research. It is expected to cross the 50 million mark by this year. Though Amazon is trying its hands at delivery through drones yet, government regulations form the main reason for its successful implementation..


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