Email Marketing For Business Vs Business Cards: Who Wins?

Business cards, however classy or stylish, they fall flat when compared to email marketing strategy. Simply due to the fact that customers can easily lose the cards you give them, but not the advertising mails you send to them. Business cards are considered to go extinct due to the marvelous increase in online advertising and email marketing for business.

The conversion of a business card into an email marketing strategy is very simple and can be easily achieved. Once you have converted the card into an email marketing for business, you can pass it on to all your customers and contacts within minutes, which cannot be achieved using a business card which requires you to manually deliver it to all your customers.

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The conversion

The conversion of a business card into an email marketing technique is very simple. One just needs to type in all the details into a spreadsheet and then copy the information into an email. Though this is quite a long and time-consuming process, the end results are very effective and worth it. This process can still be shortened with the help of an iPhone which has an option to install business card readers, which will help you avoid all your manual work of typing down the details into a spreadsheet. The scanned information from the business card will then be forwarded to all the contacts and clients.

Perks of email marketing for business

It covers all your marketing strategies and lays down all your business plans. All these detailed information cannot be produced with the help of a business card. All your ideas and marketing plans can be made simple with the help of monetizing an email channel for your company. This will help you reach all the goals within no time, since it sends the information across the world within seconds. The main reason why email marketing for business is better than business cards is that the former identifies all your targets and properly delivers the information to them, whereas business cards need a lot of manual effort to be put in to reach all the targets.

Techniques Of Email Marketing For Business

This offers you a lot more freedom to go ahead with your approach. The amount of emails that can be delivered at the same time is very high. This attributes to the quick delivery of messages across the world.

Risk level: minimum

A lot of business heads tend to make a huge mistake by spending a huge sum in order to advertise and reach out to customers. Statistics even point out that 30-40% of the investments go into advertising only. This can be completely avoided with the help of email marketing since the cost of this strategy is dead cheap and can be achieved by any new entrepreneur.

Irrespective of the success rate of your business, you can create a decent email marketing strategy for yourself. The success tasted via manual advertising is much different but involves a lot more risk when compared to email marketing for business.

Easy approach to success

Usual advertising strategies require an expert advice or good experience. This is different in the case of email marketing for business. Any new comer can go ahead with this strategy without thinking twice because the process is very simple and can be carried out by anyone instantly. The more you start using it the better you get at it.

Hence, if there is any comparison between business cards and email marketing, email marketing wins hands down. The ability to reach out quickly, deliver required messages properly and present the business plans neatly makes it stand out from all other strategies.


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