Facebook Rolls Out Facebook Lite App For India

Facebook Rolls Out Facebook Lite App For India.

Facebook Lite App For India

After a wait of a few months, Facebook finally launched it – Facebook Lite App for India. The app had rolled out in beta stage in the month of January covering US and few other countries. It has been recently launched officially in the subcontinent of India and Philippines.

The new Facebook Lite app for India has been created to provide access to the social networking site by users who have a rather low bandwidth. As the name itself suggests, the app is a rather light one and thus would be easily accessible through mobile devices. The app has been designed from ground up, thus it can be said to be an entirely new app.

According to Facebook, the number of active monthly users in India is over 110. With the launch of this app, Facebook expects that its user base would rise phenomenally.

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About the app

App Weight: The Facebook Lite app for India takes around 2.82 MB of storage space in a device. This is inevitably low than the normal app that takes around 195 MB. This is a significant feature of the app that would be a contributing factor for the people using it.

Image Features: One great feature of this app is its image display functionality. Unlike the normal Facebook app, this new version does not load all the images in your newsfeed. Instead, it displays a preview of the images which are of rather low resolutions. Images will be downloaded and displayed in their full format only if the users click on the images.

The New Facebook Lite App For India

User-Interface: For the new Lite app, the user interface has been changed and redesigned entirely with the option of posting your status being moved up. Unlike the option in the normal app where users can swipe to go from newsfeed to messages to check the friend requests, in this app the user needs to tap on the options.

This app does not display the profile images of the users in the notification section unlike the normal Facebook app.

Overall, the look and textual display has been kept larger than the normal app so that it can be easily displayed on device with low screen resolution.

Privacy Settings: The privacy and security settings of Facebook Lite app for India is being compared to that of the normal one. Users are of the view that this new app provides better security and privacy settings than that of usual Facebook app.

Messaging: Yes, this new app includes a messaging section and no, you need not install a messenger separately for this. The display design has been a bit reformed keeping it simple for this app. However, it allows you to post all the Facebook stickers and emojies.

The new Facebook Lite app for India will be able to add a great number of followers into the Facebook community bandwagon with its light weight and simple features.


Yahoo Maps Shutting Down ! Why Is Yahoo Doing This? Find Out Here…

Yahoo Maps Shutting Down ! Why Is Yahoo Doing This? Find Out Here….

Yahoo Maps Shutting Down

The announcement has been rather sudden! With the end of June this year, the big social network – Yahoo – decides upon Yahoo maps shutting down. This project was launched by Yahoo back in the year 2008 with some other tools. The decision, of course, came as a big surprise in the middle of this year.

This major change of Yahoo maps shutting down was announced with a bundle of other news but this one swept some people off their feet with the element of surprise and shock in it. However, the other applications such as Flickr will still continue to support this app.

Why the decision was taken and with what objective?

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The primary aim was to quicken and speed up the process of generating revenue and further work on the company’s media and advertising. Furthermore, in one of the blog posts the social network very specifically mentioned that Yahoo maps shutting down so as to make sure that all their resources are being spent well and in the right direction and that maximum returns are obtained out of it. One of the main reasons as to whyYahoo Inc. took this decision is because of the intense and hard competition that it is facing from Google.

It has been made very clear by the Chief Executive of the company that the company is trying to focus on more important issues. He stated that the company has evolved greatly since this service was launched seven years ago. Though the announcement proved to be of quite a sudden nature, after it made it was realized that this was in fact coming. Yahoo Inc. had stopped putting it into the application quite some time ago.

Reasons For Yahoo Maps Shutting Down

This announcement was made by the Chief Executive Marissa Mayer who has been working day and night to revive this company that almost died a few years ago and on that note, he has indeed done a very good job.

The revival project!

As a part of the rejuvenation project, various new services were also introduced by him. These services included Yahoo finances, shopping and sports. More than anything, the company’s future has been turned around by him along with his team. Moreover, all the mobile applications have been revised and refreshed so as to increase customer satisfaction.

The policy of Yahoo maps shutting down closing the decayed and musty services that are not benefiting the company in any way

This policy of Yahoo maps shutting down have been incurring losses was adopted by yahoo last year. In the previous year, yahoo took the decision of closing down the Yahoo directory. This was launched by the company in the year 1995 and was being of no use to the company. This was one of the services that lead Yahoo to the top back when it was launched. Apart from these, the company has made its plans clear by shutting down more than sixty products in the past two and a half years.

Its not just Yahoo Maps shutting down, Yahoo Pipes also joins league!

Though the policy has been clear for quite some time now, this decision still surprised a huge number of people who keep a close watch on the company’s performance. This is not the only service that Yahoo Inc. is shutting down this year. In addition to the Yahoo maps, the company also decided and accordingly announced that the Yahoo pipes will also be shut down by them. Yahoo pipes was a service that customized the web feeds and filtered it according to the requirements and was launched in the year 2007.

Is Creating A Dashing Conversion Strategy Really A Time-Taking Process?

Is Creating A Dashing Conversion Strategy Really A Time-Taking Process?.

Creating A Dashing Conversion Strategy

Conversion of audience to customers is what every business looks forward to. Creating a dashing conversion strategy and executing it properly will result in a great number of conversions. However, you cannot launch a website today and expect to be on the first page of Google on the very next day. Investment of time is a major component in online business and promotion of website.

Time is one of the major factors that a marketer needs to invest highly in, for creating a dashing conversion strategy. Unplanned hap-hazard implementation and removal of elements in a page to get the maximum clicks will not result in a desired conversion.

Creating a dashing conversion strategy you would require to keep in mind some crucial points that would result in a higher number of clicks. Marketers would also be able to better understand their customers, likes and preferences and ads that would increase clicks.

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Replace money by time

Online marketers do not possess a huge amount of cash to spend on paid marketing. Thus marketers need to look for alternative ways to promote their site on the search engine. For creating a dashing conversion strategy with minimum investment requirement, time is the alternative. Marketers need to spend time promoting their site online with organic search strategies.

Benefits Of Creating A Dashing Conversion Strategy

Try gathering extensive knowledge on Conversion Rate Optimization. You can utilize a number of free online tools that can be used to know more about CRO.

Content rules over style

Often marketers try different call-to-action buttons and images to pull in varied target audience. Though these bring in audience, the percentage of incoming audience is not that high. The main reason is because content of a webpage affects the number of visitors to your site more that the style and typography of a website.

Though visual elements are important, content is the ultimate factor based on which a person decides whether to revisit a site or not. Your audience visit your site to find solution to their problems. Thus it is always the content that they look for. A website with awesome design layout can be attractive enough to pull in visitors. But ultimately it is the content of the webpage that would provide the real solution to their problems.

Continuous testing

Testing is something that needs to be performed at all stages and in a continous manner to keep your site updated. You often witness that various sites undergo makeover of some sort. It may be in the form of presentation, page layout design, content pattern etc.

Keep a check on the the varying number of visitors according to the changing designs. A/B testing and/or multivariant testing is a good way to identify your best website presentation. This can be easily recognized if you are creating a dashing conversion strategy.

How Useful Is Product Launching Through Social Media

How Useful Is Product Launching Through Social Media.

Product Launching Through Social Media

Are you planning to launch a new product? Do you want it to have a grand launch? Try creating a buzz. Use your social media profiles to create a thrill among your audience. Product launching through social media is a great way to create an anticipation for a new product.

However, product launching through social media requires that you plan out your launch strategy properly so that you are able to promote your launch to the correct audience. Social media is the perfect way to generate buzz and excitement of your product.

Marketers use social media heavily to promote their products. The huge platform provides ample exposure to products to be seen by target audience. However, pre-launch promotion is a challenging task as you cannot give out the details of the product. All you can do is build an excitement and anticipation among your audience and hope that it works in pulling in a higher number of viewers.

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However, you need to keep a few fundamentals in mind during the initial phase of product launching through social media.

Create a solid plan

Chalking out a solid plan defining your pre-launch strategies is important if you wish to create an impact with the pre-launching phase of your product. Plan how and what you want your audience to see in the pre-launching promotions. Obviously you would keep some of your product features hidden while revealing few of them. Make sure that the plan you frame would encourage generating excitement among your audience.

Generating the buzz

Benefits Of Product Launching Through Social Media

Create a day-wise pre-launch promotional plan, revealing a part of the product each day. This is a great way to create excitement and anticipation among your target audience during product launching through social media. Post teasers in your social profiles. Send a teaser email to your present audience with links to your social profiles. You can also create small video clips or a webinar for your product and let your audience know that you are soon going to launch a new product.

Hold on to the excitement

Excitement and anticipation is your prime tool to keep your visitors coming back to your site. This excitement should prevail even after you have launched your product. You can introduce a contest immediately after the launch of your product. This would keep the excitement going for your website and your product.

Ask for feedback

Post launch, holding on to the excitement and the visitors number is quite tough. Thus your plan should also include something to make your visitors coming back to your site time and again. Appreciate your visitors, even if they do not make any purchase. You can also ask for feedbacks on your promotional ads. This way you can understand which one among the promotional techniques worked the best in pulling visitors and converting customers.

You can use this launch as a learning lesson and draw results to plan your future launches. Product launching through social media has become a widespread phenomenon. The wider reach has added to product launching through social media. Affiliate marketing too helps in product launching as it makes everyone talk of your product.

How To Go About Securing An Ecommerce Store

How To Go About Securing An Ecommerce Store.

Securing An Ecommerce Store

E-commerce as a business is trending the market these days due to its uncountable advantages. The up-gradation of technology is not only a heads-up for the people who wish to genuinely make use of the advances but is also a green signal for hackers and frauds. While most of the other factors are taken care of by the owners of e-commerce stores, the security of it is quite often ignored. So, the most common search phrases include “how to go about securing an ecommerce store”.

In the global market place, it is imperative to protect and guard your vital information that is important to you as well as your customers. In order to ensure that the e-businesses are running securely and safely, as a responsible owner and to keep from losing your customers, you must undertake the necessary steps for securing an ecommerce store.

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Some of the steps for securing an ecommerce store have been suggested below:

1. The e-commerce platform for your business must be secure

You can read the reviews of all your available options and choose the one that offers maximum security. Use various layers for securing an ecommerce store to ensure protection from random people who are purposely trying to get access to your valuable data.

2. Install verification systems and monitor the performance

There are different kinds of verification systems that you can employ depending upon your own needs and fancies. For instance, if your web-store allows users to use their credit cards through your website, you can install and enable an Address Verification System (AVS). On the monitoring front, you can ensure that the store is scanned daily for any unwanted elements.

3. Let go of all the information that holds no value

Go For Securing An Ecommerce Store

Many a times, a lot of information that your company has no use of is recorded and kept. These records act as an invitation for the hackers and fraudsters. For marketing purposes, a lot of data is indispensable for a web store but even so, an effort must be made to ensure that the amount of data is as less as possible.

4. System alerts for securing an ecommerce store

These alerts are set up for the indication of any suspicious items in the web store. If any kind of an activity is unusual or strange requests that come from the same IP address. The installation of such a system will warrant that in case any suspicious activity takes place, it does not go undetected.

5. Train your employees and team members

The employees must undergo training for security purposes. This training session will focus on disseminating vital information and instructions via which the employees must be firmly told not to exchange or send any sensitive or restricted information that is prone to attract superfluous components.

6. Ensure DDoS protection

Various e-businesses have started to employ systems to avoid any unwanted traffic due to Distributed Denial of Service. You can also employ cloud-based services DDoS protection services that can filter the traffic in a way that only the traffic that is relevant to you is sent back to your site ensuring regular and constant protection.

7. Make use of the SSL certificates and ensure PCI compliance

SSL certifications pertain to Security Sockets Layer that is an authentication that is taken to safeguard the information that you and your customers exchange as a part of your business. Using these certifications, it becomes possible to make use of various control processes.

Apart from the above suggested measures, there are many other measures that one must take for securing an ecommerce store in order to ensure that the web-store is well protected for “your customers are putting a great deal of trust in any transactions they undertake on your website,” explains Jeff Chandler, marketing executive at DigiCert, an SSL certification company.

Promoting Services Through Webinars : A Better Promotional Approach

Promoting Services Through Webinars : A Better Promotional Approach.

Promoting Services Through Webinars

Webinars are the most comfortable way of indulging a huge number of people with the utmost amount of convenience. These web conferences are conducted over the internet and are comfortable for both ends – the receiver end as well as the giver end. If you have not yet exploited the concept in your company, in your office, you must. You are letting go off a very useful opportunity every minute that you spend free and is hence unproductive. Promoting services through Webinars has become much popular these days.

Promoting services through Webinars makes it easier to get the task done in no time and at almost negligible cost. You may be a beginner or a master in the art of hosting Webinars, a little help will only upgrade your skills. Even more recently, the concept of these online meetings, conferences has become more popular due to the unending list of advantages and pros of it. It is comfortable, convenient, involves minimum costs, and is flexible. Also Read: How To Retain Customers In Small Businesses How to go about promoting services through Webinars? 1. Be prepared from your own side All you need to do is to be ready with your own content and have things in place at your end. Ensure that promoting services through Webinars is not monotonous and instead is so good that it keeps people hooked on to it. Else, in a Webinar, they will not even be in a position of not being able to leave. After all, all you need to do to leave is to click. Rest of the role is performed by your marketing team. 2. Market and sell your Webinar and yourself Focus must be laid on promoting services through Webinars and getting as many stakeholders as possible. For this purpose, you can employ the social media, magazines, newspapers; send mails to the various people who you think will be interested. Apart from selling your Webinar, you also must market yourself. Tell people who you are and why they should attend your Webinar. Lay focus on your qualifications, experience, achievements and awards. 3. Use your company’s database Go For Promoting Services Through Webinars You need not build a new database for this purpose; instead you can use the one that the company already has. Create more awareness about your Webinar and in no time you will have people hooked on to your Webinars. Moreover, these people are already familiar with you, your company and your work so there are more chances that they attend your Webinars. 4. Also get new audience You need not build a new database for this purpose; instead you can use the one that the company already has. Create more awareness about your Webinar and in no time you will have people hooked on to your Webinars. Moreover, these people are already familiar with you, your company and your work so there are more chances that they attend your Webinars. The existing ones are not hard to attract. It is the new audience that needs attention. Find ways to reach out to the new audience. Get the existing ones to write reviews for you and provide the same to the other new audience for reference. Expand your reach and make it more profitable for yourself. 5. Hold pre-big day Webinars and meetings You can hold various events and meeting for the people who are going to attend your Webinar. Through these, you can not only opt for promoting services through Webinars further but also disseminate the necessary information that you require them to be aware of before they attend your Webinar. Most of all, it will create a sense of curiosity amongst your target audience and in turn increase the net number of people attending your conference or Webinar. 6. Keep it flexible but not too flexible Make it flexible enough to ensure that the comfort level of your audience is taken care of but making it unnecessarily and overly flexible will lead to a situation where it will lose value due to being too easily accessible. Remember, the fruits that you pay for are tastier and taken care of better than the ones that are entirely free.

Startup The Souled Store : An Indian Online Marketplace

Startup The Souled Store : An Indian Online Marketplace.

Startup The Souled Store

Indian startups is a blooming industry. Young people with great idea and entrepreneurial mindset are jumping into this rat race of building their own company. These startups take the everyday problems and provide a simple solution to it through technology. And the startup The Souled Store provides a similar functionality, though a bit out of the ordinary.


The startup The Souled Store can be said to be an Indian version of the online marketplace Etsy. However, unlike Etsy, which provides just a platform for handmade merchandise, The Souled Store collaborates with artists to sell their work online. The startup is a website that provides a platform for budding and professional artists. The website sells different forms of artwork and merchandise. The contributors to the startup The Souled Store includes painters, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators etc. The startup works in collaboration with multidisciplinary artists who provide creative ideas and themes to work on.

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The hatching of The Souled Store

The startup The Souled Store is the brainchild of three finacial analysts Vedang Patel, Aditya Sharma and Rohin Samtaney. The trio, bored with their clocked desk jobs, jumped into the entrepreneurial arena. The initial capital invested was just $6,500. However, Patel, Sharma and Samtaney had a strong will to be something worthwhile in the online market. Their experience in finance helped them to set up a business with strong business objectives and low working capital requirement. Thus The Souled Store was born in June 2013 selling artworks and handmade merchandise.

The bottlenecks

Indian Startup The Souled Store

The Souled Store like any other startup in India faced the problem of low quality professionalism. This has been the main reason for them to collaborate with artists from abroad as well. Also finding new designs and quotations has been a challenging task. While the artists are from a dynamic background, it gives an added advantage of giving new design ideas.

Present scenario

Startup The Souled Store, presently showcases works of over 50 artists and designers from India and abroad. Since its launch, it has collaborated with big names like Weekender, Bajaao.com, Pentagram, Gutslit etc. The startups has been growing at a very fast pace. The founders believe that the company can grow at a rate of 50% each month.

The startup has also collaboarted with various NGOs and schools. The team says, “Our aim in the next three years is to offer an extensive range of products and we aim to introduce new products every two-three months and display artwork with unexplored themes.”

The increasing internet access has made the startup’s business more widespread. The Souled Store plans to collaborate over 500 artists globally within the coming years. The website also plans to serve as a platform for interaction by different artists who can share ideas and work to deliver better and newer designs.