Will Google-Twitter Partnership Push Up Twitter Followers

Google and Twitter have signed a fire-hose deal to display tweets in search results have put experts in dilemma whether this partnership will push up Twitter followers. This integration has started to roll out on mobile version and its desktop version is going to be updated shortly. With the Google-Twitter partnership, Google has the hopes of boosting its search chops in real-time and Twitter is aiming at a greater user-engagement with the social platform. Still it’s a kind of partnership that is sure to benefit the users first and platforms later.

The most amazing factor about this partnership is that Google users get access to Twitter. It is a very well-known fact that tweets are usually filled with timely information. With this Google-Twitter partnership into consideration, it is obvious that any relatively recent search on Google will bring up messages sent or received on Twitter. Thus, it will be a push up point for Twitter to get its users increased with an incredibly good number.

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Incredibly indexed for end-users

Today, most of the events happen on Twitter platform first. That data can be proved useful for end users to quickly find what they are looking for. Twitter works on quintessential new feed in real time. This global social network is user generated, hash-tagged and incessant. This Google-Twitter partnership will bring uprisings in the field of search and social media. Google is the big giant in the field of search and when Twitter’s data is integrated with it, things are going to get even more useful for everyone.

Result Of Google-Twitter Partnership

Google users are now able to find tweets very easily and for that they will use Google more often now. Presuming this fact into mind, experts have already said that Google is the first in row to get benefits due to the Google-Twitter partnership. The most fascinating fact for Twitter’s users is that they will get their tweets appear in the search results. Moreover, the social platform is working to make this partnership work the best way.

Massive exposure on a global scale

Next are the Twitter users who are going to be benefited the most because of this Google-Twitter partnership. As soon as Google-users start to act on the tweets they find on the search engine, Twitter users will start to get benefited. The way of getting benefited can be in the form of retweet, favorite or a reply. If a Google user is not on Twitter, then a link for creating a profile will pop-up. This is a perfect marketing strategy used by the platform to increase the number of users.

Though signing up with the website is an important thing for Twitter, but becoming an active member is what the Twitter is looking for. For that to happen frequently Google users should find content that is relevant. Thus, that useful content should be present on the social network.


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