Apple Rolls Out Its Personal Web Crawler – Applebot

Apple may not sell as many handsets as Android, but it definitely knows how to make a hefty profit and become the undisputed monarch of the phone market. With its constant technical innovations and newer and better features, it has captured the hearts of millions around the world. The news of the hour is that Apple is all set to introduce its own search engine. It has constantly been emphasizing on its own web crawler ‘Applebot’.

A search engine works on the set technical arrangement whereby it sends out millions of web crawlers, such as the about-to-come Applebot, to find the data and create an index of all the new and altered pages on the web. This index allows the engine to immediately direct the users towards the information. Hence, these web crawlers are responsible for scouring through information and pages in relation to the search query so entered while continuing to maintain an index for the same. The news for existing web crawler first appeared in the fall of 2014 when web crawler visits were recorded from Apple’s IP address block-17.

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As far as the news goes, even if Apple does not foray as an individual search engine, the Cupertino major could launch a dedicated search medium for the in-house products. For example, Applebot could be used for Siri voice assistant and for spotlight suggestions in iOS and Mac OS X. With the introduction of its own search engine and the end of their contract with Google as its default search engine on its iOS, Apple could majorly affect Google’s main source of profit jolting it to face a major setback.

Does this mean Apple is starting a search engine?

Applebot Web Crawler

Nothing is confirmed as of now and Apple too is keeping a closed lip about the rumors afloat while leaving room for personal interpretations. Apple has publicly accepted that the web crawler is used by products “including Siri and Spotlight Suggestions.” This use of the word “including” raises a question amongst the competitors and the users in the market as to whether these web crawler bots are also used for unnamed products which may or may not be its own search engine. Further fueling this in the minds of many is the coming to an end of the deal between Apple and Google raising doubts as to how Apple’s future plans about the Applebot are going to impact the techno-market.

However, it is at the same time important to note that Apple is a hardware designer at its heart. With the record sales of iPhone 6, Apple is now the most profitable company, leaving all its competitors far behind. At such a position it makes no sense to pour their resources into a search engine which is likely to not produce the same investment return even if it takes away a significant market share from Google. Adding to it is their disinterest in the field of advertising which is what keeps the search engines running. There is also a possibility of Applebot being a tool to help improve results of other search engines. It could also work alongside Google web crawlers as can be concluded from the statement made by Apple whereby it said that the Applebot will follow Googlebot instructions.

Having said the above, it can without any doubt be exclaimed that Apple is probably as well placed as any company could be in order to compete with the search giant-Google. The company with all its resources, the almost bottomless money could immediately take an astounding market share by introducing Apple search as the default search engine on iOS devices and Safari.


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