How To Optimize SEO On A Skimpy Budget

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most important element for anyone who plans to promote a website online. Proper SEO is important to increase the page rank and visibility of a site. However, optimization on search engine requires you to spend a considerable amount on the online promotion. Optimizing SEO on a skimpy budget is quite challenging and this is where small and mid level firms face hardships.


For most startups, they usually outsource their SEO requirements to larger SEO firms rather than doing it by themselves. These firms charges varying amounts depending upon their status which can be from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Deciding among the correct firms can be intimidating for small firms especially start ups. Every online business aims at appearing on the first page of the search engine. And for small business and startups, this becomes all the more important as they intend to grow and increase their business. However, optimising SEO on a skimpy budget is what small firms are bound to do. They already have a limited budget to start with. Hence it would not be wise enough to spend a greater proportion just on promotion.

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Startups need to plan their fiscal budget with greater precision and accuracy. You cannot afford to waste a single cent if you really want to grow and expand. Hence rather than outsourcing to big SEO firms based on the promises that would only result in fast depletion of your marketing budget, you can opt to do the SEO of your website by yourself. Sticking to few guidelines would help you in pushing your website’s rank and optimise your SEO on a skimpy budget.

Make your on page optimization perfect

Analyzing your on page elements would give you an understanding why your site requires SEO. Old sites that have existed in the search engine for a long time requires lesser time to optimize than sites that have freshly been created. You need to know how much your site needs optimization and how much is it already optimized.

Optimize through free tools

Plan SEO On A Skimpy Budget

When you need to optimize SEO on a skimpy budget, optimum utilization of the available free tools is necessary. These are widely available online and are free to be used by anyone who requires it. However you need to know how to use it in order to get your site optimised in the search engine.

Black hat and white hat techniques

For a new website, the only target is to improve its page rank. Though sometimes few webmasters use black hat techniques to pull in visitor to increase its visibility, these techniques may prove to be severe for your site’s SEO. Operating your SEO on a skimpy budget and using white hat techniques would help your website gain in page rank though slowly. However using white hat techniques for promotion, you can rest assured that your site will not be penalised if hit by a Google algorithm update.

Link building

Building links both internal as well as external, can be a great contributer in bringing in new visitors and pushing up your website’s page rank. Identify these opportunities and try implementing the free ones. However, link building requires long span of time. This is something that a small firm or startup cannot afford if it intends to grow and beat its competitors.



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