Three Useful But Underused AdWords Report To Stay Up In Competition

Promoting on the search engine requires web masters to analyse thoroughly each and every element of promotion. This includes the keywords, URL, inbound and outbound links, etc. Apart from these, there are many such elements that are not utilized to the fullest. Optimum utilization of these elements can contribute immensely in giving you an upper hand in the market. These elements also include underused AdWords report which can help immensely in the competitive environment.


Among the underutilized elements there are three most important ones. These underused AdWords report includes the organic and paid search report, auction insights report and search query report. Each report provides web masters with useful insights that can be utilized further in the promotional process of a website.

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Search query report

Presently known as the search term report, this is one underused AdWords report which can help webmasters immensely. When a user browses through the search engine, they normally give a search term or phrase. Google will then display its most relevant sites based on these. These search terms, if relevant to your ad, would make your ads appear in the search engine result page. Hence, for any webmaster, the main aim remains to bring the website in the first page of the search engine. It is through this that one can expect a boost in traffic and thereby in conversion.

Checking on the keywords and its relevancy can be achieved with the help of search query report or search term report. This report delivers you with the list of the actual search term and how much your keyword differs from the searched terms.

Useful Underused AdWords Report

This report can also help in keeping your content focused towards the competitors. Proper control of the search query report would help in expanding your marketing expense.

Paid and organic report

Another highly underused AdWords report is the organic and paid report. This takes into consideration both the organic search metrics as well as paid search metrics. The report is a combined result of the two search elements.

To receive maximum success, combined working of the paid and organic search is absolutely essential. Hence, the paid and organic report provides with in-depth information or the paid and organic promotion.

However, it is necessary that Google Webmaster Tool and AdWords are synchronized together so that the report displays the most accurate results. Reports are generated based on links and impressions that receive the maximum clicks in the search engine.

Auction insights report

Auction insight report delivers you with indepth and analysed insights that are recommended when you wish to use them for your promotional activity. It contains competitive insight that helps you in staying ahead in the race of page ranks and search visibility.

Though auction insight takes time, however, you can receive immediate traction if you want with the search report. This helps you recognize whether you have you brand bidding covered and whether it is being promoted properly.

You can also have a great understanding of the competitive environment and also of the competitor and his behavior with this underused AdWords report.



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