Four Amazing Tricks To Increase Twitter Engagement

Twitter and Facebook are the most useful platforms when it comes to promotion and marketing of online businesses. Twitter had come into existence in the year 2006 and has grown ever since with a user base of around 305 million monthly active users world over at present. This has been a vital reason for marketers trying to increase Twitter engagement for their business.


Twitter is the second most followed social networking site after Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter has not yet been able to monetize heavily from its popularity. Officials have been integrating with new applications and introducing new features to increase Twitter engagement. However, the increase in the user base has been slower than expected.

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Still with the new mergers and acquisitions, Twitter has been climbing the scales to compete with Facebook. If Twitter is successful in pushing its user base up, it would greatly benefit the marketers especially the small and mid-level businesses.

Here are few tricks on how you can make Twitter work in your favour to rise in your field.

Value products

The ads that you display on Twitter and the products that you promote should provide a certain value to the target audience. No audience would be interested in a product that does not serve their needs or requirements.

Steps To Increase Twitter Engagement

Hence, even before you promote your product, try understanding the mindset of the target audience. Try designing products according to their needs rather than what you can produce. A product without value would only be a waste of productive time and money.

Be more engaging

Your present audience is one of your most valuable promotional tool as they would help spread word about your business through word-of-mouth. Take heed of them. You can thank them and ask them for suggestions for improvements in your business. You might get valuable business ideas from them.

If you engage with you audience you will be able to increase Twitter engagement by understanding your audience psychology even better.

Images attract more

Images are a great way to make your audience engage to your Twitter ad. Images can convey a higher degree of imformation to the audience which a statement cannot explain. It gives the audience a visual description of the product and demonstrates its use. Imgaes help greatly to increase Twitter engagement.

Tweet frequency

The number of times you tweet is important to increase Twitter engagement. Try tweeting at frequent intervals, just enough for your target audience to get your promotional ads. Low frequency in tweet might drown your tweets in the social media noise.

If you are a growing company, frequency in tweets is rather important as you need to be visible to a large number of audience at once.


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