How To Utilize Competitive PPC Campaign For Marketing Your Website

A lot of businesses now use Pay Per Click or PPC campaign that allows you to generate high traffic to your website. It is a model of internet marketing where you pay a fee only when your ads are clicked. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. This allows you to place your ad on a search engine sponsored link when someone searches on a keyword that is related to your business.


A PPC campaign involves a number of things. These include, performing extensive research to find the queries used by the potential leads to find your services on the web. You would also have to create compelling targeted ads that speak to your potential client. An effective landing page will help in converging visitors. Monitoring your account through keyword research, bid management and quality score will help you to remain on the top of search engine pages and increase online exposure for more traffic, more leads and more sales.

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PPC campaign over SEO technique is fast-resulting, budget-friendly, and leads to higher search rankings.

But how do you ensure that your campaign is getting you the desired results? Competitive intelligence tools in collaboration with PPC marketing can get you what your business needs in terms of generating website traffic and increasing sales by increasing you conversion rate.
Content marketing is essentially the art of listening to your customer’s needs and wants. You have a business, you want a huge online presence for your business. You pay for keywords and they don’t perform well. So basically you are not good at it. Paying for the wrong keyword can set you back a whole load of otherwise good investment money. So how do you get better?

Experience. Trial and error. But this takes time and money. Now imagine this: you have a group of successful friends who give you all their knowledge, which is good. But one problem, you don’t have these friends, but what you do have is something better. Competition. Now imagine this. A group of successful competitors who can help you without them knowing. You can get their data and keywords and make them yours.

Quality PPC Campaign

Sleuthing for data

PPC and managing your PPC campaign well is very much a data game. You not only have to understand your market, but also how that market will respond and react to different trends and tools that you adopt. The identification of the correct keywords is important as against investing a lot of money in content marketing, on page optimization, link building on social media to get a keyword to rank and then decide that the keyword actually does not perform well. Business can eliminate that risk factor and invest directly in a well performing keyword.

Sleuthing on competition

There are websites existing on the internet that allow you not only see what your top affiliates and promoting but also how they are doing it. How these websites work is, you enter a term, a keyword so to say. Once entered, you can check your affiliate’s keywords, graphs of top products and super affiliates.

These graphs show you who the top performing affiliates are based on the number of keywords they use and the number of products they are actively promoting. You can then go through the affiliate’s details to see what keyword they are using to promote which product and how much they are paying for that keyword. So just a matter of minutes the web allows to find who is selling what and using which keyword. This would give you and your PPC campaign and huge leap ahead.

By keeping a hawks eye on your competition and keeping a track of data and trends it is easy to maneuver your PPC campaign in a more lucrative and successful direction.



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