Mobile Search Overtakes Desktop Search Confirms Google

Since the advent of mobiles devices like smartphones and tablets, use of search engines on desktop has been gradually decreasing. Officials of various search engines had already predicted that mobile search would soon overtake desktop searches. This was mainly because there has been a massive increase in the use of mobile devices over the past couple of years.

According to a study conducted by comScore, about 30% of the internet browsing population are exclusively from smartphones and tablets. Hence, it was evident enough that mobile search would overtake desktop searches in a short span of time.

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Google’s prediction

Just last year, officials from Google had predicted that mobile search would overtake desktop search by the first half of this year. It seems the predictions came true as Google announced that mobile devices have indeed crossed over desktops in terms of search. This has already occurred in 10 countries of the world including USA.

Mobile Search vs Desktop Search

The survey conducted by comScore in early 2015 revealed the comparative results of quarter 4 of 2013 with quarter 4 of 2014, that showed the search through smartphones has gone up by 4% while desktop has lost 0.2% of its searchers.

Google however says that the percentage increase in search through mobile is much higher than that calculated by comScore.

New search algorithms for mobile devices

Keeping this search in mind Google recently introduced a mobile search algorithm on 21st April. This was rolled out to make the search more filtered so that it delivers the most relevant search results. Google had announced in the the month of March that it would be rolling out a mobile search algorithm. Google however had announced that this algorithm would be more severe than a Panda or Penguin hit, but will not affect desktop sites.

Google had also send out warnings along with the launch announcement saying that mobile friendly websites need to check their sites for any kind of spam activity and remove them immediately if they do not wish to lose their page rank in the mobile search engine result page.


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