Improving Site’s Search Using Google Custom Search

Do you ever think about your website’s search? Do you think how to improve you website’s search and the search results? Well, you can improve your site’s search by using Google Custom Search, as it improves the way search results are displayed and also allows you to customize your search results. Google Custom Search also allows you to boost your site’s income by displaying ads in your search results.

Most folks would be thinking “why would I want Google Custom Search when I already have a website search”. Well, to them I would say, there are many advantages of having Google Custom Search.

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The advantages are:

1. First of all, the ordinary website search won’t auto-correct your search queries. This means if the user enters a wrong search term or misspell the word, then your basic search engine won’t correct it but Google Custom Search would. (We all know about Google’s auto-correct functionality!)

2. The second reason would be that your basic search would display those posts on the top that were posted latest. (This may vary depending upon how your websites search is coded). But, Google Custom Search would display the most relevant search result on the top.

How to Add Google Custom Search on Your WordPress Blog?

Adding Google Custom Search to your WordPress blog is actually quite simple. I would break the tutorial down into many steps so that you can understand it easily.

The steps to add Google Custom Search are:

1. Go to this would take you to the Google Custom Search engine page from where you will be making a custom search for your website.

2. When you have opened the Google Custom Search page, you would see an ADD button. Click on it.

Google Custom Search Results

3. After clicking on the ADD button, you will be asked for your website URL (for which you are creating the custom search) and you would also have to give a name of your search engine.

Updated Google Custom Search

4. After completing the above step, you will get a screen that would show you three options, to get the code, to visit search engine on the web or to customize the custom search. If you want to customize the search click on CONTROL PANEL otherwise click on the GET CODE option.

Google Custom Search Results

5. If you have clicked on the control panel, then you customize the custom search and then move on to the next step.

6. After you have done all the customization or if you have directly clicked on the get code option then you would get some code. copy that code.

7. After you have copied that code, you just have to login to your WordPress blog. Go to appearance->Widget. Under Widget, scroll down for the text option, paste the code that you have copied in the text option and that’s it! You have made a Google Custom Search for your website

Other advantages of Google Custom Search

Another advantage that you get by using Google Custom Search is that you can monetize your search engine. That means you can display ads in your search results. Whenever a user searches your website, they will see ads and you might make some money when they click on those ads. So this is one of the reasons because of which I find Google Custom Search better than the basic search that comes with the WordPress blog.

So, I hope that after reading this post you will use Google Custom Search for your website as you get a lot of benefit from it. Just give it a try to see the results and if you are facing any problem then I will be more than happy to solve them.  Just leave a comment.


Ecommerce Website Personalisation Gives Your Business An Extra Edge!

Creating and adapting elements in a site that a customer likes is not enough when you want your audience to make repeat visits to your site. However, converting a one time visitor to a regular one requires you to connect to the customer at a psychological level. Ecommerce website personalisation gives your site that extra touch that can make your visitor want to come to your site time and again.

Personalisation is a complex word especially when it comes to developing and designing a website, that too an ecommerce one. With different audiences having different psychology, the idea of personalisation too would vary accordingly. Ecommerce website personalisation is a challenging task as the target audience is not limited to a specific homogenous group. The audience here is varied and from different demography and location.

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How, then can you design your website that it works as a trigger pulling in visitors? The answer is simple. Create a site that addresses “me”. This “me” is refered to each and every individual audience who comes to visit your site. It is true that creating a site that would be liked by each of your target audience is near impossible. However, implementing ecommerce website personalisation that would appeal to the majority of your target audience would eventually lead to visitors returning to your site.

However, personalisation is not just sending an email with the specific name of your customer and be done with that. Ecommerce website personalisation should directly hit the psychology of the audience compelling them to return to the site whenever need arises.

Below are some fundamentals that a marketer could follow for ecommerce website personalisation to convert a unique customer to a loyal one.

Audiences’ interests

When you design a website, the first thing you need to know what the audience would like to see. Monitoring and analysing the current trends is a great way to harness the ideas so as what would interest your target audience.

Personalizing through audience interests would give you a clearer idea of what the customers would like to hear or see. Try offering them products that is relevant with thier requirements.
Knowing your customers thoroughly is important if you want to optimally utilize website personalisation.


Ecommerce Website Personalisation For Business

No audience would want to see products of the past. Customers always want to stay updated and armed with the knowledge of the latest trends and happenings. Utilise your ecommerce website to keep your audience updated about your latest product. Informing your target audience about all the latest happenings through personalised emails is a great way to build up a rapport at a personal level. However, it is important that you adapt yourself to the fast changing pace of the society and not linger in the past.

Taking into customer’s real time conversation and turning them into a viable product that the customer requires is the best way ecommerce website personalisation.

Optimize needs

Monitoring and analyzing customers needs and product relevancy is a continuous process. Marketers often use various identifiers, tools, to monitor the conversation of different customers and then go on to create product that matches their conversation. These conversations also help in recreating and redesigning of websites and converting them to more attractive ones.

Websites and profiles of the site as well as the customer become richer with improved interaction between the marketer and customer. With each conversation a new thought, a new preference is added to the website, personalising the site in the process.

Use questionnaires

This is perhaps the most impressive set of elements that greatly help in ecommerce website personalisation. Questionnaire provides marketers with detailed insight about a respective customer. This contributes immensely in understanding the customer and providing your cutsomers with a shopping experience that would be exclusive. You can also know the strenghts, weaknesses and opportunities of your site thus becoming more aware of your brand.

Conversion calculator

Dynamic retargeting is a major contributor in personalisation. With relevant ads, conversion is quicker as consumers are able to take fast decisions. Retargeting is highly favourable to shoppers as they are able to identify products of their choice. Retargeting can be of two different forms. These are time-based and location based.

You can also utilize online chats. Chats are a great way of ecommerce website personalisation. Visitors find these chat options quite helpful as their queries and problems are answered promptly and directly.

Effective Utilization Of Facebook Groups For Brand Identification

Today, most of the marketers are considering Facebook groups in order to get greater traffic and to promote their products. Not only the teenagers and college students are fully engaged in Facebook, but professionals, adults and people from the valuable demographics are giving their attention and substantial time to Facebook.

However, marketers lack the understanding in the vast array of marketing opportunities that Facebook offers, implicitly and explicitly. The Facebook marketing tool is vital and amazingly comprehensive. It always has something to offer for everyone, whether it’s a brand advertiser or a volunteer or an evangelist. Facebook group is one of those best features which help marketers to showcase their thing and attract customers. Facebook groups are the simplest and oldest of features to build communities for brands or companies.

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Building a group means creating a personalized space for potential customers, friends and partners to participate in conversations focusing your brand. These groups comprise of boards that are used to post discussion topics, photos, videos and links. Facebook also facilitates messaging and updating tool to all the group members. The best part about Facebook groups is that you can create as many groups you want for free.

Facebook groups: Perfect tool for viral marketing

Facebook enables the group members to invite their friends to join the group with a built-in Invite feature. When the group members are participating actively and excited about the group, then it is sure to grow rapidly.

Groups are “Bumper stickers” for branding

Facebook Groups For Brand Identification

The name of the group usually appears on the profile of the group members. People see groups as bumper stickers on the profile pages. This is because profile page is the most trafficked page and links on this page can generate a large number of clicks to the group page. Groups are a perfect option for businesses that want to create a presence on Facebook.

Having an effective presence on social media has become a high-tech arm of the marketing sector. Moreover, Facebook groups have added charm to this channel of digital influence. Nowadays, Facebook is used for everything from customer service toe-commerce and even for real-time engagement.

There are a number of opportunities to sell and expand their business for those marketers on Facebook who are genuinely interested in posting, entertaining and creating relevant content and engaging in social space.

Advantages of having a strong brand identity on Facebook groups

1. It reveals your unique sense of marketing and developing a uniquely competitive image in the market.

2. It reflects the voice of a brand via social outreach and interaction.

3. It improves the experiences of customers towards a brand or company through visual appearances like the colour scheme, typography, logos, etc.

4. Increases brand awareness and loyalty with the customers across the globe.

The uniqueness in using social media for a brand is that it is one of the rarest channels that can be seen as owned, earned, paid and shared media. To get the most out of a group, brands need to have a coordinated, well organised strategy with an extensive knowledge of advertising and optimizing content.

Four Ways To Improve Your Social Profile Visibility

For a social media manager, the importance of social profiles and their visibility is well understood. Even if you are a simple marketer with an online business, you will strive to make your website’s presence felt in various social media networks. This requires that you work to improve your social profile visibility through various paid and organic optimizing elements.

When you promote your social profile, your objective is to increase traffic volume and thus the conversion rate for your website. Increased conversion results in higher ROI which is possible only if you improve your social profile visibility. Ensuring that your profile and promotional ads are not drowned in the social media noise.

To improve your social profile visibility, it requires that you undertake some basic but essential elements into consideration.

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A perfect website

What you promote in your social profiles are mostly your products. But, if your target audience wishes to make a purchase, they would visit your website. Your website would then act as a promotional window for your business. Hence, it needs to be attractive enough to keep the audience interested in your site.

Many marketers fail to recognize the importance of a great website design. The content, elements and design features of a website all play vital role in pushing up your conversion rates. Promoting a great product page on the social media and then failing to keep the audience attracted by displaying a shabby website is a failure on part of both the website owner and the social media manager.

Manage competition

With thousands of online businesses cropping up each day, competition is immense in the social media circle. This is one prime reason to improve your social profile visibility. The increased reach of marketers who can promote their products directly to the target audience has made social media a much loved platform for promotion. However, with increased competition, there has also aroused the need for staying on the top. Incorporating different promotional elements to make your ads stand out would help to improve your social profile.

Write to promote

Ways To Improve Your Social Profile Visibility

Yes, writing is genuinely an effective way to improve your social profile visibility. Use blogs to write about your product. An effectively written blog can be a successful medium to pull in traffic to your site. Be extensive about what you write. People tend to read blogs that have in depth insights about the product.

You can write of your products, the techniques that you apply in the creation and making of it. Write blogs that inspire your audience more than anything. Only then, your blog will be considered a successful tool for promotion.

Webinars and events

For some marketers, this might seem to be a waste of time and resources. However, webinars and events are a great way to pull in traffic to your website. Promote these events on your social profile. Use the images and videos of your event to promote your business in the social networks. Promoting these would improve your social profile visibility as more and more people would be curious about your product.

Webinars and events take your business to a personal level. Interacting with your target audience and your competitors you are able to gain much knowledge in the process.

15 Ways To Use Pinterest For Business Development

Image sharing sites are now a rather popular platform for promotion and development of business. Pinterest for business development is being used extensively for promoting and marketing of products and websites. Pinterest, that launched just three years back, has over 70 million users globally. Thus, Pinterest has been able to build its social presence within a very short span of time.

The image sharing site has become a favorite of marketers and audience equally because of the stunning images that are promoted through this site. The presence of high quality images has made this image sharing site a popular one and now using Pinterest for business development also helps to serve other purposes.

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Though Pinterest has become popular globally, still the majority of its users are from USA. Pinterest provides a great platform for promoting products for online businesses. With visual media playing a dominant role in buyer’s psychology, Pinterest is now being used extensively to promote products.

Around 60% of the global online brands use Pinterest for product promotion.Though this is lower than the number of brands using Facebook or Twitter, purchase through Pinterest is higher than the leading social networks. High quality images and communities within the image sharing site are the main reason why the conversion rate through Pinterest is high.

Pinterest also has some powerful promotional elements that can be used to improve the performance of your images in the image sharing site. These include rich pins, promoted pins, product pins, movie pins, etc. These pins give a separate category to each of your images thus helping marketers to easily highlight the product images.

You can pin images shared by others in the community as well. Likewise, if the images you pin inspire your audience, you would be pinned in their boards as well. So, an optimum utilization of Pinterest for business development is necessary if you wish to use the image sharing site to the fullest.


Will Google-Twitter Partnership Push Up Twitter Followers

Google and Twitter have signed a fire-hose deal to display tweets in search results have put experts in dilemma whether this partnership will push up Twitter followers. This integration has started to roll out on mobile version and its desktop version is going to be updated shortly. With the Google-Twitter partnership, Google has the hopes of boosting its search chops in real-time and Twitter is aiming at a greater user-engagement with the social platform. Still it’s a kind of partnership that is sure to benefit the users first and platforms later.

The most amazing factor about this partnership is that Google users get access to Twitter. It is a very well-known fact that tweets are usually filled with timely information. With this Google-Twitter partnership into consideration, it is obvious that any relatively recent search on Google will bring up messages sent or received on Twitter. Thus, it will be a push up point for Twitter to get its users increased with an incredibly good number.

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Incredibly indexed for end-users

Today, most of the events happen on Twitter platform first. That data can be proved useful for end users to quickly find what they are looking for. Twitter works on quintessential new feed in real time. This global social network is user generated, hash-tagged and incessant. This Google-Twitter partnership will bring uprisings in the field of search and social media. Google is the big giant in the field of search and when Twitter’s data is integrated with it, things are going to get even more useful for everyone.

Result Of Google-Twitter Partnership

Google users are now able to find tweets very easily and for that they will use Google more often now. Presuming this fact into mind, experts have already said that Google is the first in row to get benefits due to the Google-Twitter partnership. The most fascinating fact for Twitter’s users is that they will get their tweets appear in the search results. Moreover, the social platform is working to make this partnership work the best way.

Massive exposure on a global scale

Next are the Twitter users who are going to be benefited the most because of this Google-Twitter partnership. As soon as Google-users start to act on the tweets they find on the search engine, Twitter users will start to get benefited. The way of getting benefited can be in the form of retweet, favorite or a reply. If a Google user is not on Twitter, then a link for creating a profile will pop-up. This is a perfect marketing strategy used by the platform to increase the number of users.

Though signing up with the website is an important thing for Twitter, but becoming an active member is what the Twitter is looking for. For that to happen frequently Google users should find content that is relevant. Thus, that useful content should be present on the social network.

How Tanium Crossed The Billion Mark: The Case Study Of A StartUp

Tanium, the network security company – a startup, recently made its way into the $1 billion-plus list, according to Forbes. The magazine has been keeping track of Tanium’s success ever since it has been rapidly gaining financially.

Tanium is not quite a reknowned name in the technology market. However, it has been in existence for long. Started by father-son duo David and Orion Hindawi, this startup deals with network security providing online security services to a number of companies throughout the USA.

The firm provides security services protecting firms from hackers. These are mostly large organisations that are unable to manage the entire security on its own.

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The company, that till recent years was in total obscurity, came into focus after a sudden revelation of its awesome software.

Startup Case Study

Investors who saw how the software works, were in awe of the superior security features. The software created by the Hindawi duo provides users with a detailed security status of each system, connected to the internet in an organization.

The Hindawi initially started by providing services related to device management. Once the venture was successful enough, they sold it off to IBM. The device management service was valued at $400 million. However, it did not create quite a news. This was the seed fund that they had used to begin their work on Tanium.

A secure idea

The idea of Tanium was conceived in the year 2010, and worked its way up to become one of the best mass online security service providers in the US. The recent breach of online security and hacking incidents throughout the US has elevated the need for increased security.

The Hindawis have greatly benefited providing online security services to the top companies of US including Qualcomm, Amazon, Commonwealth Bank and even US stock exchange NASDAQ.

The startup realised its largest investment last year with Andreesen Horowitz who invested $90 million on the startup. The firm’s present valuation is nearly $1.8 billion. The sudden rise in valuation is the main reason that it came under notice by Forbes.