Five Social Media Platforms Where Your Blog Post Needs To Be Present

Writing and publishing good quality and relevant blogs has been in your daily routine for long. However, even with regular publishing and updates, your blog fails to generate high traffic. This can be because your blog posts are not getting adequate exposure from multiple social media platforms.

Social media platforms have become a major platform for promotion and marketing of various elements. However, for most, social media is limited to Facebook and Twitter. This is because, these are the two major sites that receive the maximum number of visitors. There are over 300 different kinds of social media present online.

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Hence, limiting your publishing will result in limited number of visitors. The need in today’s world of digital marketing is to be present in a number of places to get the maximum exposure from all fronts.

1. LinkedIn

If you believed in the theory that linkedIn is a professional site, you are partly right. LinkedIn is basically targeted at professional networking. This includes connecting with others with similar professional backgrounds and finding jobs. It, however, also lets you display your work to all the professionals out there on LinkedIn. This is one if the biggest social media platforms for your business as a LinkedIn profile also serves as your online resume for the visitors.

As LinkedIn highlights an individual and his or her accomplishments, it gives a higher exposure to your individual work.

2. Slideshare

Your visitors would enjoy a slideshow more than a lengthy post of scrawny writeup. Turning your blog into an attractive slideshow would pull in more visitors. Present your content in graphical and pictorial representation in the slideshow. This keeps the viewers more engaged and makes your content more compelling.

Popular Social Media Platforms

SlideShare is one of the social media platforms where you can share your slideshows for visitors to see. Promoting your blog post in SlideShare has an advantage. As a limited number of businesses use this social sharing site for promotion, the competition is rather low.


Blogs need not always be boring black and white text. Apart from slideshow, you can also present your content in an infographic format. is a site that helps you in creating an infographic. Apart from that you can also create your own infographic and share it on this social site. counts among the community social media platforms for publishers and designers where individuals can post their work and also share it to other websites from the same.

4. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is not exactly a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. It is closer to a search engine. The site lets you browse through random pages with just a click on the Stumble button. If you plan to share your blog post in this site, simply include your content in the social media platform. If it finds relevance among the viewers, it will appear more frequently while random users browse through the network.

5. BizSugar

BizSugar is one of the biggest social media platforms if your blog post’s target audience is the small businesses and you just want to pull in readers for your site. This social network is mainly created for small businesses owners to help them build up their business. Through this site you can publish news relevant for small businesses as well as tips and tricks to develop small businesses..


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