Lead Generation Through Facebook To Pump Sales

With over 1.44 billion active monthly users, Facebook has been leading the social networking market for quite some time now. Hence, if you have a business, and it is not promoted on Facebook, you must be loosing a lot of potential customers. When it comes to social promotion, Facebook is the first choice for any marketer. With a huge volume of audience, lead generation and conversion rates through Facebook are quite high.

Though the high social noise often tends to drown your ads, correct placement of relevant ad to the customer whose needs match the product would result in sales. Promotion in social networks begins with Facebook. It has become the standard for any online business to promote their products on Facebook no matter the size of the business. Facebook provides a number of exclusive platforms called communities for people with similar interests.

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These are great platforms for breaking down the target audience for more accurate target marketing.

The interactions that the social network users carry on are one of the main sources to understand their needs. For example, for a photographers’ community, an ad display of a new camera would be more effective and you will have a higher chance of conversion.

Along with this, factors like demography, psychography, lifestyle etc is clearly reflected from a users Facebook profile.

These are the major psychological factors that marketers try to have from the social networking sites. However, social sites take care not to divulge too much of personal information to the marketers.

Building a trustable contact through Facebook is a bit challenging with the immense number of spamming and trolling that goes on. Personal security has made users limit their interaction only with users whom they know. Hence, establishing a trustworthy relation with your audience is necessary for lead generation.

Facebook is a great place when it comes to direct interaction with your prospective customers. Your customers can open up about their needs as well as complaints and suggestions if any. Interacting within a short span of time and replying to their queries will generate leads as you would be considered a thoughtful business owner. Interacting with customers real-time gives you a greater chance at making a conversion as you can mould the customer to fit in the needs of your product to them.

Paid promotional campaigns on Facebook can be quite benefiting for your business with a higher level of conversion and lead generation. These are valuable as they tend to end up converting into loyal customers.

According to a study product promotion through Facebook reaches to nearly 70% of your target audience. These are through posting of images, videos, queries, comments and likes. Integrating the social aspect in your online business helps in creating a brand awareness for your product thereby boosting your conversion rates and helping in lead generation.



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