Increase Your Lead Generation Through Customer Referrals

Lead generation through customer referrals is a great way to generate loyal traffic to your site. It is the technique of spreading awareness about your product and services through your existing customers. With referral marketing, the traditional form of advertising takes a backseat while customers are used as active promotional medium.

The commonest form of customer referrals is word-of-mouth marketing whereby promotion of products or services is conducted by existing users to prospective buyers. Word of mouth is the best way to make your product go viral.

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Referral marketing is a common promotional technique that often generates great leads and conversion. However, like every other form of promotion, referal marketing too does not come free of cost. Though there are no written rules, still businesses often offer some form of incentives to their existing users for new lead generation.

This can be in various forms and as per your business revenue earned. Below are few ways that some brands encourage referral marketing.

Payback offers

This is one of the most common forms of referral marketing. Offering paybacks or discounts on purchase of product or service compels the existing customers to bring in new ones. A simple technique of customer referrals is bound to bring in new customers to your website.

Engaging content

Lead Generation Through Customer Referrals

For a website, content is usually considered the king. If you have a blog through which you share some amazing content in the form of images, videos, or texts, it will automatically be promoted through various means. Engaging content is a great way to generate customer referrals.

Game it

Who does not love games. And when it comes to products, games form an impressive way to pull users to a site. However, the games you incorporate should be in league with your business. You can also introduce contests, whereby you can assure gift coupons for customers who bring in customer referrals.

Valuable experience

A valuable experience would make a greater impact in the minds of your customers, than your product. This positive experience would lead to generation of referral customers. Hence, try to give a good experience to your existing clientele as a positive and enjoyable experience would definitely go viral bringing you new customers on its way.


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