News For All Mobile Users: Google Rolls Out Mobile Algorithm Update Today

After an anxious wait for a few months, finally the day of Mobilegeddon is here. For those who are unaware of what Mobilegeddon is, it is the term that has been given by Search Engine Land for the new mobile algorithm update due to be released by Google.

Google had already announced about the mobile algorithm update a couple of months back. The main purpose of this update is to make mobile search more relevant for users. Thus it would help boost genuine sites on the mobile search result while penalizing those that involve spam activities.

Google had already warned webmasters and website owners of the upcoming mobile algorithm update. This time was given especially for making changes or amends in websites that might have some spam activitites. After the update, all mobile websites that are spam or contain spammy links would be removed completely from the mobile search result.

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It is being expected that this new mobile algorithm will be more severe than any Panda or Penguin update. And to help websites, Searchmetrics has launched a new application that would let mobile website owners to analyse and optimize sites. This would also conribute in influencing customers and bringing in more business. Apart from these, application would also display the visibility score of different mobile websites.

Though the mobile algorithm update will severely affect mobile sites, desktop sites will be saved as it would not affect desktop ranks of a website even though it is a responsive one and is affected by the mobile algorithm hit. Desktop metrics and signals however will not affect mobile ranks as of now.

The most common and unnerving of questions that website owners are repeatedly asking is how to determine whether a website is mobile friendly. Though this point has already been discussed in our blog previously, here again are the tips:

Google Mobile Algorithm Update

Log in to your Google webmaster tool and check for the following three features for your website.

1. The mobile friendliness tool
2. Page speed insight tool
3. Mobile usability report

The mobile algorithm is real time. Panda and Penguin updates affected desktop sites with a sharp fall in their page rank and visibility. The mobile algorithm update being real time your website will take a minimum of two hours and a maximum of around 72 hours to revive back after the algorithm hit. This is only once you rectify your mistakes in your mobile website and get rid of spammy links from your site.

It is also necessary that your webpages are indexed as mobile friendly as it is one of the most vital elements of consideration that the algorithm will take into account when the algorithm rolls out.

Google had already published a list of common mistakes that most webmasters make while creating a mobile friendly website. This if followed properly by webmasters, a severe penalty by Google mobile algorithm can be avoided.


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