How To Perform A Better Personalized Search

Getting your content personalized to appear in the maximum number of search pages is key for gaining visibility in the search engine. Pulling in and storing different information about your searchers is one key feature that Google performs. This immensely helps in filtering out search results for improved personalized search.

Google uses a large number of user metrics to personalize searches. These metrics highly influence personalization. These prove to be helpful for webmasters to make their site more content-friendly thereby more user-friendly.

So, what are the biases that can be utilized to perform a better personalized search for the users. Social data is an obvious choice that is used for personalising search results. Search history too contributes in personalizing search.

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In order to personalize your products, there are a few elements that needs to be stressed upon to bring out the maximum output from personalization.

Make your brand known

If your customers know exactly what they are looking for, personalized search becomes all the more relevant. Performing better in the search result is the main target that brands work to achieve.

To improve search personalization, it is important that you make your brand known to your target audience. If your site is popular enough among your target audience then it will automatically show up in their search result page. However, initially it will not be that visible or distinct. It is necessary for you to create an awareness for your brand and make it more recognisable.

Be at places

Better Personalized Search

To be at places is to position at different locations and sites like different social media sites, Google maps, Google local business search etc. Being spread far and wide helps in creating brand awareness and improve personalized search. This would generate a knowledge of your product to the last of your target audience.

Being at places gives you a wider range of audience hence personalization of products is easy. Geo-targeting audience contributes immensely in the SEO of your site.

Be available on multi-platforms

SEO of a site to a great extent depends on the platforms that they are available in. Designing your site with responsive coding structure makes it accessible through all mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used to pull in visitors while they are on the move. Hence, for better personalized search, being present in all devices would definitely help in increasing the visibility of your site.

Pull potential customers

Sharing in Google+ is perhaps the most lucrative form of social promotion. Appearing on the social site’s search results is possible when you are connected by email or any other Google application like Google map, etc. Generally the last post of a user is normally visible if his Gmail account is connected to the Google+ account.

You can understand what kind of posts are being seen by your target audience. This makes personalizing your content easy as you can change it as and when required by your audience.

Search engines especially Google have been heavily using different metrics to make ads and search results more personalised. The increasing use of various search filters and algorithms has further aggravated the need to display relevant search results for a single search.


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