Optimum Usage Of Videos In Social Media

Making your presence felt in the social media is becoming an uphill process. An increasing number of marketers are putting up their products’ ads in different social media sites. These are specifically targeted at promoting to the target audience who are in the need for relevant products. No other media offers the dynamicity in audience as that offered by a social media network. Hence marketers too are going overboard in promoting their ads through the use of videos in social media so that it reaches the most relevant audience.

Usage of videos in social media has always been an effective medium for promotion of product. When it comes to ads and promotions in social media, image promotion is the first choice that marketers make. But it is the second choice that plays a greater role in successfully converting a visitor into a customer. This second choice is promotion through video advertisements. Videos play an important role psychologically pushing a customer to complete a buying process.

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However, videos need not be limited to just promotional advertisement. Utilising videos to serve other purposes can be innovative as well as more interesting.

Respond via videos

You often come across different queries related to your product. While some may need just a couple of lines to answer, few might be more complicated. Answering them in written words may not convey the exact meaning. Here, the incorporation of videos in social media can be quite effective. It not only lets you explain all the problems in a graphical manner but also gives a personal touch to your customer’s query. Videos also make it more engaging thereby making your customers sit through the entire session.

Connecting real-time events

Use Of Videos In Social Media

Perhaps the best thing about video sharing in social media is its ability to connect to the world on real-time. Whether you are located in the US or at Bali, if you connect to your social media and share real-time videos of your products or any other event, you will have a higher number of visitors to your site who would stay on your site for longer than before.

Educate customers

Yes, you have opened up your site for your own products or services. However when you promote your products, you also need to teach the buyer how to use a product. For example- if you are a web development company, you would build your customer’s websites for their products and services. However, your task does not end there. It is also necessary that you educate your customers on how exactly to use it.

Displaying small videos in social media would serve your purpose better to the customer and make it more appealing for them.

Call for video feedback

Video feedbacks are a great way to receive reviews from customers. Positive video feedback can also be used as a promotional feature where you display to your target audience the use of videos in social media to show how your products or services have helped them. This is sure to pull in a high number of prospective clients who will be influenced by the feedback.

Once you understand what your target audience demands, you can then customize your videos in social media accordingly. You can edit or remove features and elements that you think is not of relevance to your site or your product. Creativity is the main essence of promotion. The more the creativity, the higher is your chance to get your ad noticed in the social media.



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