Create A More Engaging Community Social Profile For Business

Promotion of products has never been easier. And all thanks to social media, products now get a bigger platform to showcase themselves. Sharing and promotion of products have never been more hassle free. Sites now create or add into related communities with an engaging community social profile that helps in improving your business.

Creating an attractive and engaging community social profile is very important if you really want to optimally utilize social media for promotion. These social communitiescontribute heavily with bringing in visitors of other community members. This also leads to conversion thereby generating revenue.

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In order to create an engaging community social profile, you need to follow a few guidelines, which would lead you in creating an engaging community social profile.

Selecting a correct base

Choosing the correct social profile is one key guideline that you need to follow while creating an engaging community social profile.

Different social profiles have different kind of visitors. For example- Facebook and Snapchat are commonly used by teens and youths while Twitter has an environment for B2B users. LinkedIn is entirely a professional social site.

Based on your product, carefully select the site that you wish to use for the promotion of your business.

Visitor based community

Creating Engaging Community Social Profile

When you create a social profile your main aim remains to increase the visibility of your site and improve the rate of conversion. For this you need to focus on how to increase visitors to your site.

As social media is a great source which generates bulk traffic, promotion on these sites should be such that it attracts the attention of the visitors.

Try building a community that focuses more on the visitors and try building a sense of need for your product. The more engaging the profile the higher there will be visitors to your site.
In a social networking site when you become a member of a community, you expect that you will have higher number of visitors as users from other communities too would visit your profile.

The same will be the expectation of other community members. Hence here you need to follow a “give and take” policy.

Friendly appearance

The appearance of a social profile can make a huge difference in the traffic to your site. It is important that you create a social profile that is welcoming and appealing. A shabby or uninviting profile would have a high bounce rate and hence will only be rejected by communities. On the other hand, a candid and nicely designed website will be quite inviting and would generate higher traffic.

You can also interact with your visitors personally by sending them emails and updates on latest products and business development.

Keep visitors engaged

You can run different contests, quizzes etc to attract customers and to keep them engaged. These are few simple tricks that would keep them busy and also attract visitors from related communities. You can seek suggestions that you can implement for the betterment of your website. Alternatively, you can also ask for reviews of different products or of any services related to your business. These reviews and suggestions are a huge contributing factor for the improvement of your site.

Writing blogs and articles gives you an added advantage for creating an engaging community social profile.


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