Impact Of Google Mobile Algorithm On Responsive Website Design

If you are regular to our blog, you must have already gone through a couple of articles where we have mentioned about the latest Google algorithm updates. If you are new and have a responsive website design structure for your site, you just need to know that Google would be rolling out a new mobile friendly algorithm.

This algorithm, which has been targeted specifically for responsive website, is expected to be much more severe than Google Panda or Penguin update. The mobile algorithm is specifically targeted at filtering search and provide users with the most highly relevant search results. Responsive website is sharply rising and the internet browsing through mobile devices too has increased greatly. The ease responsive website designprovides to the users in their search queries has lead to more and more people shifting to internet browsing through mobile devices.

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But what is Google trying to do with this new algorithm roll out?

With the rising use of mobile devices, the need for search engine optimisation for websites on these devices has aroused. Google, with its new mobile-friendly algorithm, will be using mobile searches as a metric or ranking signal for websites. Responsive website would evidently be preferred from sites which do not have a mobile version.

Zinie Ait Bahajji, the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, specifically mentioned that this algorithm would have a “significant impact” on responsive website.

How will it affect me?

Responsive Website Design Features

The first thing that you need to understand is that the mobile algorithm update would affect only the mobile website i.e. sites with responsive website design.

Now, if you have a responsive website, you can easily go to Google webmaster and check the following three important features:

i. The Mobile friendliness tool

ii. Page Speed Insights Tool

iii. Mobile Usability Report

If your responsive website delivers poor user experience, this could result in your losing valuable conversion. This could harm your site to a high degree as a huge proportion of internet traffic is generated from mobile devices.

For a small business, responsive website design is all the more important as it helps prioritize developers resources. Though nobody knows the exact figures, studies revealed that almost 30% of the internet using population browse from mobile devices. This shows the necessity of a responsive website design for sites especially small and local businesses.

What to do?

The rollout of the mobile-friendly algorithm would be heavily impacting responsive websites. Hence, if you own a responsive website it is better to start with the detection process so that the severity of the algorithm impact can be minimized.


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