Why Dumping Lorem Ipsum For Genuine Text Is A Good Idea

Lorem Ipsum dummy text has become a standard part of any web design agency that intends to show its web design and development works. However, the use of dummy text is slowly being replaced with original text as customers often get confused or are unable to relate to the website with dummy texts. Hence, websites are dumping lorem ipsum for genuine texts.

Dumping lorem ipsum for genuine text might need you to include a full time web writer to your design team. However, this will benefit you in the long run as contents too form a vital part of an entire website.

For a web searcher, the main aim is to find solutions to their problem. And texts form the best mode to convey a message. Content is often the king of a website. Hence, if you use genuine textual contents for your display websites, it will impact your target audience much more. However, it is not always possible to obtain real texts to replace dummy texts in your display works.

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Dumpimg Lorem Ipsum Dummy

Some web designers may find it pointless wasting time creating original texts for a display or sample site. However, these filler texts may sometime prove to be an important point in making or breaking a deal. It may be used to give a rough idea of how the text would appear on a website or just to fill up an empty space with some writeups. Though the use of lorem ipsum is quite tempting, it may divert you from improving your site’s opportunity.

Dumping lorem ipsum is an intelligent option while you test the usability of a website. Textual content improves the quality of the layout manifolds. A prospective customer might be impressed by your layout and designs. However, a sub-standard text may ruin the entire experience ultimately making the customer leave your site.

Use of dummy text often leads the web designers as well as customers to ignore the texts and overlooking entire paragraphs. This may lead to customers asking you to change the text pattern or fonts or increase or decrease the line length etc.

The key reason for designers to use lorem ipsum is that they can concentrate in the design of the website without being distracted by the text. However, keeping the textual content secondary while building a website is considered a bad technique of website designing. Hence, if you are about to design your next website, dumping lorem ipsum for genuine textual contents would work much better.

Yes, it may take some more time to write a content to fill up the empty space. But you may always take help of the search engines.


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