The Best Bing Ads Insight Tools For In-depth Data

Strategies are built on data. The right data at the right time can make a huge impact on the performance of your campaign. Bing ads offer various tools to help keep you informed about the performance of your pay per click ads. There are Bing Ads insight tools, for instance, that keeps you well informed about your ad campaign and helping you get the best results.

These insight tools can help you outperform not just your advertising objectives but also your competition to a good extent. Let’s look at some of the best of Bing Ads insight tools to give an in-depth data analysis –

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Top Movers

The performance of your ad depends on a lot of variables. These variables can be the key phrase that you have bid for, the design of your ad, the design of your competitor’s ad etc. Sometimes, as the changes take place in the web world, new ads come and go, designs get updated, the performance of the ad also varies consequently. This then makes it tough for the marketers to keep track of.

Top Movers is one of the Bing Ads insight tools that give you an account-level performance of your ad. A report is generated when a predetermined threshold of the number of clicks is reached. This report gives a summary of fluctuations in clicks, conversion rates, etc. for a certain time period, identifying ads with the biggest changes in performance.

Top Movers not only gives you the report, it also analyses the possible causes for these variations, giving you a better insight into your ads performance report. These fluctuations may have resulted from internal account changes, or change in your competitor’s ad design, or eligible search volume. The best part of this tool is, it takes a crucial step further to give you fixes for the performance variations. Top Movers becomes an immediate go to for a quick data collection, analysis and action fixes based on ads performance report on a weekly basis.

Auction Insights

Bing Ads Insight Tools For Ad Campaigns

The best of Bing Ads insight tools, Auction Insights gives you an insight into your competitor’s actions. The report throws up URLs to help you get a quick look at who is competing against you on key phrase auctions. This in turn allows you to strategize in tune with the competition.

The report is generated at ad, key phrase and campaign level, giving you a thorough look at your competition and where you stand against them in the auction.

Auction insight tool uses parameters such as the average position of your bid, impression share, overlap-rate, top of the page rate and position above rate. If your impression rate is less than 100%, this indicates you have lost impressions to your competition.

Like other Bing Ads insight tools, this tool helps you make an informed decision on bidding in auctions. It gives you a clear look at your competition and hence puts you in a better position to make decision on whether to increase, budget, and change or improve your ad.

This tool also tracks trends to keep a look out for activities by competitors. This can be of critical help and give you a macro look into new or strengthened existing competition.

Opportunities tab

Counting among the Bing Ads insight tools, this is a basic suggestion tool. It gives you ideas on how to alter your campaign in order to increase performance. It also gives a report on estimated increase in performance. This is one of the user friendly Bing Ads insight tools that give you decision-making criteria with just a few clicks.


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