How Would You Use Quality Backlinks To Improve SEO

If search engine optimization is something you are not unheard of, then you must surely know the value and importance of backlinks. Backlinks are important for the optimization of a website that helps improve search rankings. Let’s start with giving a brief introduction about backlinks. Backlinks are links that are directed to a websifte from other websites. Backlinks are also called inbound links. The number of quality backlinks that your website gets is indicative of the importance of the website.

Building backlinks should be prioritized as they are crucial to search engine optimization. When these backlinks are generated from quality and genuine websites that have good Google PageRanks, the chances of your website-ranking getting high increases. The ranking your website gets from Google is directly proportional to the number of quality backlinks that you build.

Here are a few things that can help build quality backlinks to improve SEO:

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1. Be in compliance with Google’s policies

Google has no contender when it comes to search engine policies. If you own a website, you ought to know the strategies and policies of Google for your own good. Following closely in the footsteps of Google will save your website from getting penalized. What matters the most for effective link building is proper organization of the site.

2. Developing a strong link foundation

When you have written and posted a good content on your website, you would want Google to rank it well. But your rankings will only improve when your site gets good number of quality backlinks from other sites. Generating too many links for a new content in a short span of time sounds manipulative and might get caught by Google. Instead, it is more practicable to help Google to find out and index the content.

When the site gets indexed, getting real links can improve search engine optimization and thereby improve your site ranking. Google crawls Putting the site’s URL on Alexa will cause Alexa to add a new and optimized page to its database. When Alexa is crawled again by Google, your website will also be picked. Social media also offers a viable way to improve the indexing and visibility.

3. Scaling link building efforts

Link building has much to with the positioning of your content which in turn would bring more number of people to visit your site. You can choose a single genuine and quality content to build good number of backlinks or inbound links to your website. There are a number of advantages that genuine and good quality backlinks have over traditional links. The subject of your backlinks should be same as the subject of your content to drive in more number of visitors.

While the traditional method of link building ignores the user, Google’s Penguin 3.0 update places importance with the user.

Good Quality Backlinks

However, you need to find authoritative sites where relationships can be built and where you can start bringing relevant and useful links. There are tools available to help you find quality backlinks. One such tool is Similar Site Search. All you have to do here is paste the site’s URL and then click “search”. You will find a complete list containing sites similar as that of yours.

There are four key metrics to be kept in mind. They are:

i) Domain authority: You must first check out the domain authority of the websites that you choose to bring in links from. Moz Bar is a good tool that can be used for the purpose. It will show you the authority status of a keyword or domain in search results.

ii) Domain relevance: As already mentioned, getting genuine and quality backlinks forms one of the key parts in link building. Also, Google ranking metrics stress domain relevance as one of its most important factors. Hence, link building should be coupled with proper anchor text.

iii) Trust flow: This metric is analyzed by Majestic. It provides a good measurement of quality. Trust flow was designed for determining the quality of backlinks to a site. It ranges between 0 and 100. The greater the number, better it is.

iv) Citation flow: This is a metric from Majestic which has been designed in order to determine the influence of a link on a site. The metric would only measure the number or quantity of backlinks rather than their quality.

4. Anchor text and branded keywords

Anchor text is also of relevance in determining a site’s quality. While building links you need to choose the brand name along with various other keywords. This can be called branded hybrid anchor text.

5. Get links from genuine websites

The best and genuine links are those that come from good or real websites that have good content and good number of social media shares. You can also build them yourself. So long as these backlinks come from genuine sites, they have a good value for SEO.

Building quality backlinks is a task that requires a good amount of caution. Each backlink should be monitored well while it is being created. It is better to avoid getting backlinks from sites that Google does not value. Quality link building can double your SEO efforts and improve the search ranking of your site.


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