The Struggle To Create The Best Live Streaming App

With the social media becoming an integral part of our lives, we let the world in and take sneak peek into our private lives. But this sneak preview is edited, cropped, twisted and glamorized for effects. If sharing every second of every minute of every hour of every day on social media wasn’t enough, we now have live streaming app taking the Android and iOS market by storm. You are attending a party that your friend is not invited in, and you really want him to be there, the geeks of the universe have found a solution, live stream the party shenanigans to your friend, or family if you will.

Live streaming is basically a real time video sharing technology that allows you to share or view videos shared by people live and in real time. If you add Twitter and Snapchatyou will understand the excitement oozing all over the internet about live streaming app. The struggle to build the best live streaming app has gone wild and everyone wants a bite into it. Currently it is available only to iPhone users, but Android can come out with a bang to crush them all.

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Where the struggle lies

There are just so many aspects that need consideration and these apps are trying everything they can to win the crowd. Everyone was around using one app to live broadcast and just when they established, another competitor was launched. If Android decides to get into it, they will certainly have an edge as the Android users have been currently left out in the cold.

Live Streaming App

Streaming real time required to stream for a while before you got any user. And this was solved by offering reruns that can be watched when you open the app next time, this would allow you to get better viewership. Speaking of viewership the next task is getting the user interface right. The struggle between utilitarian and smooth flowing, between chat comments on the screen or off?

Smartphones have rear and front cameras, the screen can be shifted as well. There is a struggle to be able to switch between cameras during live feed.

Another area of importance where the apps are struggling for the best live streaming app spot is the sharing quotient.

The app market is growing fast. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second a new app is being launched. These apps are a fad, but a fad that every app industry wants to cash in on. Live streaming, no matter how invasive, is catching on, and is catching on fast. Every big wig is looking to make it into the live streaming app market, because if they do, they know they have a big one in hand. For now there are only a few apps that allow live streaming and share in real time. But with the struggle to create the best live streaming app getting fierce, more are not far away.


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