SEO Friendly Guidelines For Web Designers

In the technologically advancing world, everyone needs to have some knowledge of search engine optimization. It is now necessary even for web designers to have the basic SEO knowledge. Planning a SEO framework is vital as is the need to build a foundation strong enough to make SEO in the future successful. For these one would need few SEO friendly guidelines.

If you are a web designer, there are SEO friendly guidelines below. These would be really helpful in your future project to create sites that have high page rank and successful SEO.

Content creation

Users visit sites if they find something of relevance in them. If a site generates high traffic, it must have contents which users are appreciating. Find what contents your target audience would like. Create contents that are greatly valued and that are of high relevance to your audience. One way to make your audience visit your website regularly is by posting up new and fresh contents at regular intervals. This makes your audience come back often to check on what is new. Regular updating of contents ensures that you have a consistently high traffic to your site.

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Clean coding

Clean coding is one of the best SEO friendly guidelines to get higher visibility in the search engines. Messy and bloated codes are often ignored by search algorithms. Clean and proper coding mark ups are preferred by search engines as it is easy for them to understand. Proper implementation of tags and schema proves to be beneficial for your site.

Simple And SEO Friendly Guidelines

While using mark-ups, it is important to keep some ethics of coding in mind. This includes using of proper and semantically correct codes. The header codes should be appropriate. And any broken links, if present should be removed. Light pages with short loading time are always preferred.


Unnecessary stuffing of keywords never helps for your site SEO. Instead it may prove fatal sometimes as search engines penalize such wrong doings. For a web designer, diligent use of keywords helps. When you design a webpage, consider what keywords you would like to use and where you would put them in. Proper insertion of keywords in the header and titles are best for your design page.


For a web designer, graphics form an indispensable part of your web page. However, use of graphics should be done wisely and in a not-so-loud manner. The graphics that are used should be in context of the contents of the website and should be at par with textual contents. Light and simple contents with overtly bold graphics do not go well together. The graphics should be subtle and synchronize well with the basic essence of the website. This is one of the simplest SEO friendly guidelines that you can follow.


Tables are often created in a complex structure. However, when you design an SEO friendly site, it is important to create and code the tables and markup in such a way that it is easy for search engine spiders to crawl. If the tables are designed in too complex a language, it becomes tough for the spiders to crawl through them. This can be harmful for your SEO and page rank.

Following these SEO friendly guidelines can help you get better results for your website.


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