Flaws In Landing Page That Can Break Your Site

Clicking on a site’s link in the search engine result page takes your customer directly on a landing page of your site. It is this page, its designs and contents that keep your visitors hooked to your site or leave the page immediately. Flaws in landing page can cost you dearly as these directly affect the conversion and ROI.

A common landing page mostly contains a number of instructions for the visitors. These might include information of the visitor, email or newsletter subscription forms etc. These are placed in the landing page and compel the visitor to take action. But, in reality, this is one of the most common flaws in landing page and causes the customer to leave a page without taking any action.

For landing pages, incorporating new designs or some other inclusion only adds to the chances of conversion that a landing page has to offer. Hence, to convert a visitor into a customer it is necessary that an attractive landing page is designed that would keep the viewers engaged on the page.

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However, a designer often fails to interprete the requirements of customer, stuffing the landing page with unnecessary content. This is one of the major flaws in landing page. For a proper landing page, it should serve customers with the minimum required information with a prominent call-to-action button that would lead them to take the next step.

No distinct call-to-action

One of the most common flaws in landing page that designers tend to make is put up multiple information or announcements in one single landing page. This results in customers getting confused over the call-to-action button. You may also lose customers who were ready for purchase.

Flaws In Landing Page Design

A landing page should have just one single thing that the visitors would be required to do. Including a number of actions and asking the visitor to opt for all would only make the customer leave your page.

No clear objective

Your landing page should be compelling enough for customers to take a decision. If a landing page has no specific objectives, customers will not be able to decide what to do. They would be confused and would ultimately leave the page.

Many websites fail to make a landing page that would guide the visitor on what to do and where to click. In the absence of a clear objective, conversion will suffer bringing down your ROI.

Faulty typography

Bad typography is an important element that is considered one of the biggest flaws in landing page design. Textual content in a landing page should always be clear and distinct. A bad textual content can increase the bounce rate. A huge amount of information compressed to fit the available screen would become illegible.

Absence of image

Image is an important element of a landing page. An image can convey your message directly to your customers. Images are adjustable and hence can be placed at any position in the landing page. They also help in keeping the customers engaged to your landing page, thereby lowering the bounce rate.


Five Social Media Platforms Where Your Blog Post Needs To Be Present

Writing and publishing good quality and relevant blogs has been in your daily routine for long. However, even with regular publishing and updates, your blog fails to generate high traffic. This can be because your blog posts are not getting adequate exposure from multiple social media platforms.

Social media platforms have become a major platform for promotion and marketing of various elements. However, for most, social media is limited to Facebook and Twitter. This is because, these are the two major sites that receive the maximum number of visitors. There are over 300 different kinds of social media present online.

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Hence, limiting your publishing will result in limited number of visitors. The need in today’s world of digital marketing is to be present in a number of places to get the maximum exposure from all fronts.

1. LinkedIn

If you believed in the theory that linkedIn is a professional site, you are partly right. LinkedIn is basically targeted at professional networking. This includes connecting with others with similar professional backgrounds and finding jobs. It, however, also lets you display your work to all the professionals out there on LinkedIn. This is one if the biggest social media platforms for your business as a LinkedIn profile also serves as your online resume for the visitors.

As LinkedIn highlights an individual and his or her accomplishments, it gives a higher exposure to your individual work.

2. Slideshare

Your visitors would enjoy a slideshow more than a lengthy post of scrawny writeup. Turning your blog into an attractive slideshow would pull in more visitors. Present your content in graphical and pictorial representation in the slideshow. This keeps the viewers more engaged and makes your content more compelling.

Popular Social Media Platforms

SlideShare is one of the social media platforms where you can share your slideshows for visitors to see. Promoting your blog post in SlideShare has an advantage. As a limited number of businesses use this social sharing site for promotion, the competition is rather low.

3. Visual.ly

Blogs need not always be boring black and white text. Apart from slideshow, you can also present your content in an infographic format. Visual.ly is a site that helps you in creating an infographic. Apart from that you can also create your own infographic and share it on this social site.

Visual.ly counts among the community social media platforms for publishers and designers where individuals can post their work and also share it to other websites from the same.

4. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is not exactly a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. It is closer to a search engine. The site lets you browse through random pages with just a click on the Stumble button. If you plan to share your blog post in this site, simply include your content in the social media platform. If it finds relevance among the viewers, it will appear more frequently while random users browse through the network.

5. BizSugar

BizSugar is one of the biggest social media platforms if your blog post’s target audience is the small businesses and you just want to pull in readers for your site. This social network is mainly created for small businesses owners to help them build up their business. Through this site you can publish news relevant for small businesses as well as tips and tricks to develop small businesses..

Reducing Bounce Rate With Five Simple Tricks

Bringing in unique visitors is an uphill task in the first place. Hence, your target remains to keep these unique audiences engaged to your website. You can employ many tricks for reducing bounce rate. However, if your website does not provide any relevant content to your audience, your website’s bounce rate is sure to rise.

Reducing bounce rate requires that you make your website as interesting and engaging as possible. Include content that is trending. This will make your audience stay in your website for a longer duration.

Google Analytics provides tools that can be used to check the bounce rate for your website. Once you have a clear idea of your bounce rate, the next step is to make some changes and edit the mistakes that are present in your site which are responsible for reducing the bounce rate.

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Page Load Speed

The prime reason that leads to visitors leaving the site even after clicking on it is the extremely slow page load speed. This forms an important feature of a users’ experience. Speed of a page becomes more important for a visitor than the nitty-gritty design that you put up in your webpage. Hence, maximizing the page load speed is a necessary consideration that needs to be taken care of.

Page load speed is one of the key metrics when it comes to a site’s SEO. The faster the webpage, the higher will be the rank of the website in the search engine.

Good Search and Social Marketing

Proper marketing and promotion of your website through paid advertising and through organic marketing may effectively bring in quality customers to your site who are ready to convert. If you have relevant content which are trending and which your target audience finds relevant, you will have reducing bounce rate.

Reducing Bounce Rate From Website

However, take time to notice the traffic that you get. It may so happen that you might have a high click rate but conversion is low. This may mean that though you are able to pull in visitors, convertible traffic is not reaching your site.

Simple Navigation

Navigation structure of a website is the ease with which a visitor goes from one page to the other without getting confused. Creating a simple and straight-forward navigation path makes it easy for search engine spiders to index pages as well as customers to move through your site. Keeping the home button at a prominent position makes navigation simple reducing bounce rate.

Analyse Target Audience

Analysing your target audience is important if you wish to reduce the bounce rate. Specifying your target audience to maximize homogeneity can reduce your bounce rate increasing conversion.

Creating content that your target audience would find interesting is important in keeping them on a web page for a longer time.

Responsive Website

In today’s world, almost half of your website visitors are through mobile devices like the smartphones and tablets. Hence, if your website is not mobile friendly, you must be losing potential customers. If you have a responsive website structure, you can expect a higher number of visitors to your site while lowering down the bounce rate.

Lead Generation Through Facebook To Pump Sales

With over 1.44 billion active monthly users, Facebook has been leading the social networking market for quite some time now. Hence, if you have a business, and it is not promoted on Facebook, you must be loosing a lot of potential customers. When it comes to social promotion, Facebook is the first choice for any marketer. With a huge volume of audience, lead generation and conversion rates through Facebook are quite high.

Though the high social noise often tends to drown your ads, correct placement of relevant ad to the customer whose needs match the product would result in sales. Promotion in social networks begins with Facebook. It has become the standard for any online business to promote their products on Facebook no matter the size of the business. Facebook provides a number of exclusive platforms called communities for people with similar interests.

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These are great platforms for breaking down the target audience for more accurate target marketing.

The interactions that the social network users carry on are one of the main sources to understand their needs. For example, for a photographers’ community, an ad display of a new camera would be more effective and you will have a higher chance of conversion.

Along with this, factors like demography, psychography, lifestyle etc is clearly reflected from a users Facebook profile.

These are the major psychological factors that marketers try to have from the social networking sites. However, social sites take care not to divulge too much of personal information to the marketers.

Building a trustable contact through Facebook is a bit challenging with the immense number of spamming and trolling that goes on. Personal security has made users limit their interaction only with users whom they know. Hence, establishing a trustworthy relation with your audience is necessary for lead generation.

Facebook is a great place when it comes to direct interaction with your prospective customers. Your customers can open up about their needs as well as complaints and suggestions if any. Interacting within a short span of time and replying to their queries will generate leads as you would be considered a thoughtful business owner. Interacting with customers real-time gives you a greater chance at making a conversion as you can mould the customer to fit in the needs of your product to them.

Paid promotional campaigns on Facebook can be quite benefiting for your business with a higher level of conversion and lead generation. These are valuable as they tend to end up converting into loyal customers.

According to a study product promotion through Facebook reaches to nearly 70% of your target audience. These are through posting of images, videos, queries, comments and likes. Integrating the social aspect in your online business helps in creating a brand awareness for your product thereby boosting your conversion rates and helping in lead generation.


Three Simple Tools To Help Make Your Graphic Designing Hassle Free

In the fast paced life of today, no one has hours altogether to spare to craft something beautiful with the help of Photoshop. We all know that irrespective of how much importance we place on text, it’s the images that are processed way faster by the brain. It is therefore very important to make use of graphic designs to transform complex information into graphics that is simple to grasp and is visually very appealing. The concept of graphic designing comes to the rescue at such a situation.

Graphic designing is a fast and easy way to create the perfect graphics without the help of Photoshop. It is no wonder that they are fast gaining the popularity that they deserve not only in the online web designing field but others too.

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Tools to make compelling graphic designs

The idea of Photoshop might make your head spin or hiring a graphic designer may not be on the cards. In such a case there are many easy and reasonable alternatives that are available. Below enumerated are three simple tools that will help you in making your graphic designing hassle-free.

Create your own design

There are many software like CanvaInfogr.amPiktochartEasel.ly which are free and easily available online. These applications offer a plethora of graphic designs for use in everything from your presentations, posters, business activities, websites, etc. These graphic designing software help you design your social media page in a way that is truly captivating for the eyes and the mind. They allow you to upload your own personal images from your gallery or access the application’s personal stock of images. You can also collaborate with other users in case if you want to share or edit your pictures with someone else.

Design presentations with PowerPoint

It is not a surprise that Microsoft PowerPoint also features in the list given it is the basis of every project and is amongst the most advanced in the area of graphic designing. Any PowerPoint slide can be easily saved on your drive as a JPEG or PNG. All you need to do is click on Save As and then select your desired JPEG or PNG from the drop down menu.

Graphic Designing Tools

The device then asks you for instruction regarding the export of only the current slide or every slide so saved. You can then choose according to your requirement. PowerPoint is amongst the most efficient and easy means to apply effective graphic designing to your work, and hence, you should take full advantage of this factor to have a remarkable effect and outcome.

Make amazing collages

Many a time you may want to add more than one picture in a frame that constitutes the single image. These snapshots can be creatively displayed with the help of thePicCollage application. It allows you to use images from your own personal gallery to create a collage. You can also add effects to your collage like an attractive background by selecting a background on PicCollage. Then, add your photos and if you feel the need to add a text to your image you can do so with the help of this application. It also allows you to resize, reshape, edit, rotate, crop or delete any of your creations.

Final thoughts

When you need to create something attractive, you no longer need to rely on the complex Photoshop feature, or a graphic designer to get your work done as you now have available to you many reliable alternatives that are not only easy to use but also very attractive. All you need to do is, choose the right tool as per your needs and get your job done.

Increase Your Lead Generation Through Customer Referrals

Lead generation through customer referrals is a great way to generate loyal traffic to your site. It is the technique of spreading awareness about your product and services through your existing customers. With referral marketing, the traditional form of advertising takes a backseat while customers are used as active promotional medium.

The commonest form of customer referrals is word-of-mouth marketing whereby promotion of products or services is conducted by existing users to prospective buyers. Word of mouth is the best way to make your product go viral.

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Referral marketing is a common promotional technique that often generates great leads and conversion. However, like every other form of promotion, referal marketing too does not come free of cost. Though there are no written rules, still businesses often offer some form of incentives to their existing users for new lead generation.

This can be in various forms and as per your business revenue earned. Below are few ways that some brands encourage referral marketing.

Payback offers

This is one of the most common forms of referral marketing. Offering paybacks or discounts on purchase of product or service compels the existing customers to bring in new ones. A simple technique of customer referrals is bound to bring in new customers to your website.

Engaging content

Lead Generation Through Customer Referrals

For a website, content is usually considered the king. If you have a blog through which you share some amazing content in the form of images, videos, or texts, it will automatically be promoted through various means. Engaging content is a great way to generate customer referrals.

Game it

Who does not love games. And when it comes to products, games form an impressive way to pull users to a site. However, the games you incorporate should be in league with your business. You can also introduce contests, whereby you can assure gift coupons for customers who bring in customer referrals.

Valuable experience

A valuable experience would make a greater impact in the minds of your customers, than your product. This positive experience would lead to generation of referral customers. Hence, try to give a good experience to your existing clientele as a positive and enjoyable experience would definitely go viral bringing you new customers on its way.