How To Increase Website Traffic After An Algorithm Hit

An update of any Google algorithm makes webmaster scuttle around to make amends in their website so that they are not hit. A Google algorithm hit can severely affect your website especially if your site is of a low rank. Once a site is hit by Google algorithm, the traffic to that website falls sharply. To increase that, you need to increase website traffic too. This also results in reduced visibility for that site.

Recovering from an algorithm is easier said than done. A webmaster has to work quite hard to push up the rank and increase website traffic. It has often been seen that improving the ranks after a hit becomes quite difficult.

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What can be the reason for your site not improving in the ranks? Let’s check.

Link powered websites

In the internet, there are a number of sites, that do not possess any valuable or relevant content. Rather, it survived only on the outbound links that it had generated from its webpages. These sites gain rank as it share and contain powerful backlinks to genuine sites. These websites might not be entirely spammy, but they do not create any original content. Rather they depend upon the contents of other websites.

Sites like these may observe a fall in their page ranks even after the penalty is lifted. This may be because your website deserves the present rank according to the new alogorithm.

To improve the rank and increase website traffic becomes a challenge for the webmasters.

Spams not cleared

Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Sometimes, even sites with original and genuine content fail to gain ranking in the Google search page. While they keep scratching their heads, searching for faults, it might turn out not to be their fault at all.

Sites can be spammed because of poor and spammy backlinks within the site. Webmasters can also be required to use the disavow tool to forcefully remove spammy unnatural links within the site.

You should regularly check the presence of any spammy and unnatural links and remove it. Presence of spammy links can be fatal to your site as it would pull down your rank if your site is hit by Google.

If your site has some on-site issues, a Panda update can affect your site severely. Alternatively you can also perform a site audit to check and improve your site rank.

The presence of natural and good quality links in your site too helps in improving your site’s fallen rank.

Recovery of your website to return to its previous rank and to increase website traffic sometimes becomes tough. However, it is not something impossible to achieve. Try removing all your spam links and making your site spam free. This is perhaps the best way to prevent your site from getting hit by any algorithm updates.

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