Effects Of Mobile Advertising On The SEO Of A Website

The age of “mobile revolution” is here. The consumer behavior is slowly and steadily shifting focus from desktops and laptops to smartphones. In this scenario, many questions arise pertaining to the effect of this revolution on the marketers; the performance of SEO; the impact of mobile ads as against their desktop counterparts, and what not! As of now, mobile advertising is taking the ground.

Merry Megas from Morgan Stanley has postulated that mobile internet is growing faster than the desktops internet and it will be bigger than most of us can estimate. Why does she say that? If we take a step back in time and look how technology developed, we see that back in the 60s we had the main frame computers which were clunky slow and huge. Then when we fast-forwarded two decades and moved into the 80s and we come into the decade of personal computers. These, in spite, of being way advanced and small and being able to perform way faster and better, were still perceived as slow and not very powerful. Moving forward two more decades we came into the age of mobiles that are smarter and faster which paves the way for mobile advertising.

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Mobile advertising

Coming to mobile advertising, it is quite easy for big brands to be at the top spot but what do a small or a mid-size businessmen with a great idea and how do you gain visibility for your idea and your business. Let’s go back to the fixed line internet. How did it work then? You had to ensure that your website comes up in the top ten search results on Google. This way you get free or cheap traffic to your website and you are in business. If you don’t manage to be listed on the top 10 of these search results when using the relevant keyword then you are in trouble.

Mobile SEO

How does this translate to a mobile, in mobile you have to be on the top 25 list of the download charts else you will not be found. There are ways to get yourself up there. Research has shown that 96% of browsers visit the web page of the top 25 at least once a week. You need to be up there for which you would need the help of mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising Advantages

The handset is far smarter, the data more reliable, internet plans became affordable and the user interface is super friendly. All this has led to a boom in the mobile web traffic and with it followed a boom in mobile search.

Mobile advertising Vs online ads

Analysis of more than 450 mobile ads, including banners, videos, and apps, shows us that mobile advertising is effective. They typically impact the awareness, ad awareness, message association, favorability, and purchase intent to a much greater extent than online ads.

Research shows that the best ads on mobile devices increase brand awareness by 17 percent, brand favorability by 14 percent, and purchase intent by 18 percent. By contrast, the worst performing ads actually have a detrimental effect on the brand.

Effect of mobile advertising on SEO

Mobile advertising provides an opportunity to reach people by offering them something they want. Good apps are quick, free, and easy to download. They work for all software versions without crashing and they are more fun than desktop sites. Hence it follows that these ads would get more traffic to your website, increasing its SEO standing. Mobile ads are more reactive in terms of hit and click options. With a smartphone, clicking becomes easier and people who browse through a mobile are more often than not passing time or are window browsing which in turn leads them to click on the attractive mobile ads more often than the desktop ones.


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