Build Facebook App With React Native And Javascript

If you are a developer, then an app library would definitely attract you. And what app can be better than the popular Facebook app. According to recent reports, Facebook has made its app library React Native available to developers.

This library would greatly benefit developers as it would be easier for them to build native applications for iOS and Android operating system. The React Native will be using Facebook’s library of React and JavaScript for developing applications.

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As the library has been delivered by Facebook itself, compilation of apps with React Native provides you with an interface that is perfect for iOS and Android devices. As users are more accustomed to using these devices, understanding and working with the apps created by React Native will be quite simple. The codes are entirely native and hence the apps created are native as well.

Facebook has already been quite vocal about this new open source framework. Facebook has shifted its coding language from HTML to React Native. It has also implemented the JavaScript langauge in its own applications like the Facebook Groups App.

Facebook React Native

This new coding framework allows developers to write codes in a single language from any platform that the developer is comfortable to write.

The release of React Native and making the library open source proved to be great news for the developers. They are now able to develop and write codes in the framework and see the results as well in a few minutes. The best thing about this coding framework is that developers need not recompile the entire application. They just need to rewrite few parts of the entire application.

Facebook software developer Tom Occhino wrote, “ What we really want is the user experience of the native mobile platforms, combined with the developer experience we have when building with React on the Web,”

However, developers will have to write two distinct set of codes for their application development. One native app for desktops and laptops and another for mobile devices. This is so that developers can use one framework while inputting their personal touch in every applications.

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