Will The New Mobile SEO Be Able To Draw In More Traffic?

Branding is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important one, in building a business. This is what is going to get the word out and build your customer base. And it is equally crucial to select the right mode of marketing. In this day and age, advertisements and hoardings are a thing of the past; it is an era of websites and content marketing. With the internet having a far and wide reach, many entrepreneurs are opting for websites as a medium for showcasing their products. Mobile SEO is all set to take the ground.

Laptops are soon getting dethroned. Mobiles are becoming smarter and more accessible, not to mention easy on the pockets compared to laptops. With mobiles being able to function and provide almost everything except for a bigger screen laptops are becoming a second “go to” electronic device. All this fairly lay grounds for the necessity of mobile SEO.
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Apps to the rescue
Apps are now available on smartphones – and also on some not-so-smart phones – to access emails and Chrome and other search engines. This enables the everyday user to simply type in the keywords on their mobile device to either browse for information and compare products or find the availability of a certain product. It would be a catastrophic decision not to have a responsive or a mobile accessible website and mobile SEO. This would mean that people accessing your web page through a mobile device will either be met with an annoying site where it would seem that they are viewing it at a bird’s eye view.
Pump it up a little
Search engine optimization is a well-known marketing strategy adopted by many to increase their conversion rate by increasing traffic to their website. These optimization techniques are undertaken keeping in mind a desktop or a laptop computer. If you already have a well optimized website, you will need to perform a few tweak here and there to achieve mobile SEO.
New SEO Mobile
i. Speed – Because of the basic hardware constraints mobiles are not very adept when it comes to loading speed. And when the search is performed on a mobile device, the urgency of the task is more. Hence, speed becomes imperative and crucial. With reduced redirects, leverage browser caching and ‘mini’-fying the code, this can be achieved.
ii. Do not block JavaScript – Earlier this would have worked, but today most of the mobile phones are smart and hence the requirement for blocking CSS and JavaScript and images would not make much sense.
iii. Flash, pop-ups and the fat finger – Avoid using flash and pop-ups. Design your website for a fat finger – you don’t want to click every link on the page.
iv. Create a separate mobile URL
v. App it – if possible create an app for your website. This will enable users to access it even when they are offline.
Mobile SEO
Today, more than ever, people are hooked on to their mobile phones. From searching the president of Verkoyansk to keying in their own name, just to get a thrill at the site of what would pop-up. At this juncture if your website is not optimized for mobile users, which is to say that if you do not opt for mobile SEO, you lose more than half your customer base just there. With mobile search engine optimization you not only become accessible on the phone but also stand a chance to increase your website traffic exponentially.
If your website can be viewed by anyone from anywhere on any device, then this flexibility is going to reward you enormously through increased traffic and consequently sales.

Will The New Mobile SEO Be Able To Draw In More Traffic?


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