Enhance Your Website Popularity With WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress requires no formal introduction today. Gearing up majority of the blogs and websites, the platform has emerged as the most sought after CMS of today. Not only is it popular for its easy to use interface but also due to the fact that it is SEO friendly. A lot of WordPress SEO plugins are tailored for improving the SEO of a website.

Handpicking a few of them, here is the best collection of WordPress SEO plugins you should think about installing to your WordPress website.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is perhaps the best and the most widely used among all the WordPress SEO plugins of today. Installation of the Yoast SEO plugin is not only effective but very easy as well. By installing this plugin you have fair options to improve your SEO ranking. Taking care of the technical optimization, the tool helps you to come up with better content. It works quite effectively by forcing you to use the chosen keyword and makes sure that you focus on them everywhere in the post.

Use of Simple URLs

Outbound links can be tracked easily with the use of simple URLs. Apart from this you can also control them easily from the backend of WordPress. Adding up Disallow: /go/ in your robots.txt file, will bar any external authority from passing through the link. In order to keep a track of the outbound links, if there are any, you can easily calculate the transformation rate from the number of clicks.  The viewers are either redirected from the associated link or purposefully arrive and visit to buy some product.

CMS WordPress SEO Plugins

RB Internal Links

This plugin basically helps with internal linking. It is one of the few WordPress SEO plugins that come installed with every version of WordPress. RB internal links is very useful plugin because rather than using the URL it uses the post ID for internal linking. This means that if you want to update or modify the URL, it can be done dynamically. So the risk of an internal 404 error is reduced. The fact that it has not been updated in recent times however acts as a distinct disadvantage against this plugin.

Widget Logic

The function of Widget Logic is to work specifically with the widgets. At the time of installation, some additional widgets are added where you can clearly specify where it must appear. So, this is an amazing tool to control which content has to be set at which part of the website. For example is_archive() is  used to view the page as archive page, the use of is_page() is  for viewing a simple page. Similarly, there are many other widgets which can be used to make the page more informative.

The Google Libraries

This is the simplest plugin which is used as a substitute for JavaScript libraries. It is usually called on its own server with the help of Google’s own CDN. There are many benefits of using this plugin. It works by saving the bandwidth and unless required a lot of it keeps on using compressed scripts, thus avoiding the viewer to use the cached version. All these factors are together responsible for the flawless performance of the site.

No much technical know-how’s are required for using each of these WordPress SEO plugins. A little hit and try should do wonders. So why not give it a try.


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