Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms For Efficiency

The need of promoting your business on social media is what every marketer is after. The immense volume of target audience available in one single platform gives the marketer a greater opportunity to reach the target audience and compel them to buy your product. However, this also requires managing multiple social media platforms at one time.


Managing multiple social media platforms is quite a challenging task, especially if you are not a pro. If you have a huge number of followers in each of your social account, managing all of them at a time can be quite difficult.

If you think your brain is going messed up with all the social noise, you can try to simplify the task of managing social media platforms in the following ways.

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Rank social account

You will agree to the fact that not all your social media profiles work equally.  While you have a huge number of followers in one, you might have just a handful in the other. But this does not mean that you will ignore the smaller customers. Not all social platforms perform in the same way.

Hence it is better if you prepare a chart scoring all the social media you use. Take different indexes. This can be a number of unique followers, monthly visit, and conversion rate etc.

If you check this in an excel sheet format, it becomes easier for you to understand which site is the best performer and which site generates the least number of visitors. This helps you in prioritizing any one of your social profile.

Identifying signals

Once you have identified the social network that serves you with the best possible audience, it’s time for you to identify which promotional signals draw in the maximum audience. Prioritizing different social signals and managing multiple social media platforms that you would be using can help.

Social signals vary according to social profiles. While some social signals can be quite heavy, some are light. The number of shares and promotions done also fluctuate social signals. Social signals are mainly the number of followers, retweets, favorites, times your promo is shared, the number of comments and likes you receive.

Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms Simultaneously

Prepare a checklist

Once you have identified the social profile that you need to prioritize, check on with the other social sites that are lagging behind. Prepare a checklist with the daily activities that you would be performing on different social platforms.

This can be the activities allowed on different social sites. This includes sharing, comments, likes, retweet, favorite etc. Try putting the site with the lowest number of followers in the beginning. Though social media requirements do differ according to the product, yet managing multiple social media platforms in one go is sometimes necessary.


Distribution of time and attending all your profiles is necessary if you want to pull audience from all the social sites. Separate sites that you think needs to be prioritized. These comprise of the sites that generate the maximum revenue for your site.

However, never underestimate any social network. Each has the potential for generating convertible traffic. Still prioritizing social media platform that generates the largest volume of visitors is necessary. Spend most of your social media hours in that followed by the ones that rank in your sheet.

Spend time on your social media profiles. Check on the visitors, answer their queries, check onto their suggestions and try to pull in more traffic.

The ranks of your social sites may change. This can be due to increased visitors or attrition. Whatever be it, regular revision of social ranks helps you identify your priority.

Efficiently managing multiple social media platforms will contribute in building a brand name for your product. Hence, focusing on promotional activities of your brand becomes your sole objective on the social media.


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