Top Seven Website Analysis Tools For You

Website Analysis is a complex process that involves a number of elements which are compiled into a systematic form of data. This data is collected from various sources or gathered by web crawling. It is then organized in a format which is easy for you to understand. The analytics aims at identifying organizational goals and measure the degree of achievements of those set goals. This helps in determining the successes achieved and the failures of the website. There are website analysis tools that also help in strategizing marketing plan and the content of the website that helps in proper promotion of the site.

For analyzing different websites, the website analysis tools use metrics like number of visitors, unique visitors per day, bounce rate, page load time etc. There are “n” numbers of metrics that are used for analysis. Different website analysis tools might give different results for the same website. However they would be close to each other.

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1. Google Webmaster Tool

This is one of the most widely used website analysis tools. This tool draws data from various metrics that Google uses to rank a page. It is a great tool for amateur webmasters and casual users. The Google Webmasters tool provides robust information on the different fundamentals of Google. It educates the user on the techniques Google uses in its search engine.

It specifies you with the keywords that Google spiders are crawling. With this you can target on creating better contents focusing on that keyword. You will also be provided with the number of searches made, click through rates, etc.

2. CheckMySite

A collective data and assessment of almost all of the metrics together to check a website is something very few analytics tool provide. Checkmysite does all that and add to it in-depth social engagement reports for every page of your website and branding opportunities for your business.

The Checkmysite takes into account metrics like page SEO, HTML coding structure, load speed, security quotient, usage, domain details etc. It takes into account over 100 different metrics for grading your site.

You could also compare your website with your competitor’s website and find out where you are lacking. Lastly this counts among the free website analysis tools that also help you to get monthly improvement report of your website.

3. SEMRush

If you are promoting your site online through paid search, this will be one of the website analysis tools that can be of great help to you. SEMRush is highly used to evaluate competitive keywords that are being used. You can analyze the keywords that you have used to check its competitiveness and relevance. You can also monitor your own keywords with the free version that allows you to submit a list of 10 keywords. Once done you need to click on the “Full Report” to get the analyzed report of the domain and the keywords.

Along with the keyword report, SEMRush also provides you with other metrics important for the paid marketing campaign. This includes click through rates, organic rank, traffic volume, CPC and total search results.

This tool is a great way to choose the most competitive keywords and even blog topics. This also gives you a graphical representation of your site and keywords and you will also be informed whether your site has been hit by any Google algorithm update.


The MOZ tool has been designed especially for large businesses though small businesses too can use it. It gives you a detailed idea on the rank of each page and where it stands in the search engine. It also describes you the techniques Google spiders use to crawl your site.

One of the website analysis tools, it provides you with a full evaluated report on the search engine crawl. For the evaluation, it takes into account various elements necessary in the search like the Meta description, URL, title tag etc. This evaluation report helps you to point out the areas of error in your page along with the severity of the error.

You can also compare your website with your competitors. Parallel comparison of websites lets you understand better the opportunities, weaknesses and strengths of your site from others. Counting among the website analysis tools, you can try out its free version but the paid version gives you added analytical metrics and other resources.

5. Check My Links Broken Link Checker

Links within and outside a site are a major element contributing in the site’s visibility. A single broken link can be great trouble for your link developing campaign. With Check my Links Broken Link Checker, you are delivered with the most accurate links and also warn you of any broken links. This tool allows webmasters to make any editing or correction if needed.

Each website contains a number of internal and external links. Checking all these links manually is quite difficult for any web masters. This is one of the website analysis tools and points out the broken links instantly, so that quick correction can be done. Highlighting the broken link simplifies the correction.

Services of this amazing tool are entirely free hence this proves to be very helpful for startups working on stringent budget.

6. Advanced Link Manager

Though the main function of this tool is to analyze links, it supports many other functions for your website analysis. The Advance Link manager lets you build links automatically. This tool can be customized to draw external links from other websites. These apart, the Advanced Link Manager allows you to monitor the progress of link building, creation of customized reports for emails, integration of pages etc.

One of the website analysis tools, you can schedule it to run after certain intervals so that links are updated frequently. The only glitch of this tool is that is cannot be directly accessed with the web browser.

7. GoSquared

Your website visibility, to a great extent, depends upon the social signals that it receives from the different social networking site. Hence analyzing the performance of your site through social networks is important.

GoSquared is one such analytical tool that fetches data from your Twitter profile and provides you with the accurate data. Its various elements supplies thorough real-time information on every visitor to your site as well as times spent by each visitor, return visitors, etc. Handy with this information, you can easily make changes on areas you find you need improvements.

This is one of the website analysis tools and is great for social analysis of websites and is sometimes considered as the near competitor of Google Analytics.


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