How To Check If Your SEO Efforts Are Bringing In Desired Results

website to gain visibility and improving keyword ranking on search results is
what your SEO guy does. SEO techniques include intangible elements like fresh
and good contents, proper use of keywords and avoiding black hat SEO

Internet has
provided marketers with great ease to promote their products on the internet.
Whatever be the business type or industry, marketers are grabbing the
opportunity to promote their sites in the search engines which requires minimum

For your site to
perform well and gain visibility, it is dependent highly on the performance of
your SEO efforts. This holds true no matter if you are working on this on your
own or have hired an outside agency for the job. However, blindly depending on
your SEO guy can be fatal as their work is not immediately reflected in the
search engine.

How can you track your digital marketing

To ease this
worry, the internet is flooded with a number of applications that you can use
to check your website’s performance.

Use Google Analytics& Webmaster Tool:

This is perhaps
the easiest method to check your website performance and SEO efforts. Google Analytics is an analytical service by
Google that provides you with various data metrics of your website. It takes
into account almost all such metrics that Google uses to rate your website.

Google Analytics does not limit its data collection to just desktops and search
engines. It considers the traffic to your site, mobile visits, ads clicked,
videos seen on different platforms etc. Google Analytics also provides you with
location specific visitor metrics.

Google Webmaster
Tool provides you with diagnosis of your website and gives you suggestions for
improvements to ensure your website is aligned with Google guidelines.

Social Analytics:

Social media marketing and SEO are merging into
the same realm and together are forming the core of overall digital marketing
strategy. Social media
sites are a favourite joint for marketers to promote their product. With
innumerable targeting options available on a single platform social media
networks is favourite for any form of promotion.

Keeping up with
the social signals is necessary to check your site’s performance in the internet. Your
social performance can be calculated with the different social metrics.
Different social sites have different signals that can be calculated. This can
be based on the number of shares, likes, follows, comments, etc that your website
content receives and the social engagement level for a particular content.

Almost all social
networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn provide analytics
information on how your content is performing.

Alexa, SimilarWeb,
MyWOT etc

Apart from the
social signals and Google analytics, there are many online applications that
let you analyze and rank your website.

Alexa is one such
application that ranks your website based on multiple features. With Alexa you
can check the global rank, country specific rank, search analytics, inbound
links, upstream and downstream traffic etc.

SimilarWeb does
pretty much the same however they provide analytics information for mobile apps
as well apart from websites.

MyWOT is an application that provides you a way to judge how your website is being
perceived by others. They rank websites based of safety and trust.

Checking On-Page Elements:

On-page elements
play a significant role in gaining visibility and traffic. These elements
include webpage content, permalink structure, page title, meta description,
mobile rendering, robot txt, inclusion of site map etc. Each on-page element plays
a significant role in improving the SEO of your site.

It is vital for
you to cross-check the on-page elements and minimize the chances of any
mistake. One single error can make your search engine page rank fall sharply.

Keeping a tab on
all different analytics metrics could be a tough job. Specially when you are
busy trying to take your business to the next level. Also if you do not have
in-depth SEO and development knowledge some of the details might get
overwhelming. Use Checkmysite to get all the data at one place.

Checkmysite gives you complete website analytics from SEO and speed to
social engagement data. You could even find out about your brand presence and
check your website against your competitors’. A complete website review gives
you the freedom to fine-tune development aspects of your website and fix issues
that could have negative impact on SEO. This free online tool helps you to cut
through the clutter and get all the required information at one place.


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