Most Important Factors For On-Page Optimization Of Your Website

Optimizing a website to make it appear on first page of Google is the sole purpose for which SEO analysts struggle. On page optimization essentially include the changes and improvements that you undertake on your website to make it search engine friendly.

Search engines consider factors like readability and relevance of the site before their algorithms come up with a rank. During online search less than 60% of the searchers navigate to the second page of the search engine. Hence if you want your site to be visible and have traffic, making it appear in the first page is crucial.

On-page optimization depends on a number of factors that can make or break your site.

Webpage Content:

Webpage content is one of the most important elements of a webpage. It is one factor that makes it worthy for search in the search engine and heavily affects your site’s ranking.

You as a marketer would always try to integrate contents in the webpage that is in clear fonts and easily readable. However, dishing out to customers requirements is not the sole purpose of your website. Your customers would only be able to find you if you satisfy all the requirements of the search engine.

The search engine is always in lookout for fresh and genuine contents. These contents should fulfill the criteria set forth by the search engine as well as provide relevant information to the web searchers. These contents can be in the form of videos, images or in plain texts. Supplying of good contents would ensure that your site appears on the top pages of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) thereby gaining visibility.

Title Tag: 

The bold writings that appear on the SERP are the title tags. This is the element that defines the document and its contents. This tag provides searchers with a preview snippet, viewing which, a user can decide whether or not to click on the link. This snippet appears on social sites during social promotion as well.

Title is meant to give a brief description of the entire content of the webpage. It provides with a gist of all that is and can be found in the page. For example if you take into consideration the title of this article, “Most important factors for on-page optimization of your website” , reading it you get a clear idea of what the entire article is all about.

Hence you can say that the title tag is a window that helps in optimizing your website in the SERP.

Permalink Structure: 

Permalinks structure or the URL highly contributes to the ranking of the site. A good URL structure follows a clean hierarchical structure which is easy for both the search engines and the viewers to read and understand.

Below is an example of a good permalink:-

Here, you can see a defined permalink structure. The first section is the home URL of our blog that redirects searcher to our blog’s homepage. The second part is the individual blog URL. These URL has been simply written and understandable by the search engine as well as web searchers.

Clean permalink or URL structure makes it easy for search engine spiders to crawl through the linking pages one after the other. This makes indexing the pages simpler. Once your web pages are properly indexed, it will appear on the search engine page whenever a visitor searches for terms relevant to your site.

Body Tags:

No one likes to read a lengthy article. Always remember, web searchers do not have much time. They are always in the lookout for solutions to their problems.

Your web page may contain valuable information that can help your customers. However, you fail to make it engaging. Your articles are lengthy and cover many points at a stretch.

This is not favored by the readers or the search engines. Try breaking up the articles into multiple paragraphs. Utilize the header tags, putting the most important tag under H1 followed by the rest in a chronological order.

H1 tag generally contains the title of the page. This gives the search engine signals on what is most important in your web page. This is the prime reason why webmasters are asked to put in keywords in the title of the page.

Image Inclusion:

Images form a part of your web page content. It is one such content that you can use to pull in traffic and keep your viewers hooked to. Images are a major contributing element for improving your site SEO.

Each image is unique and you can take maximum advantage of this opportunity. You can prepare customized images relating to the contents of the page. This gives you a higher chance to get noticed in the SERP.

You can also include a description and title of your image. This aggravates your sites visibility in the SERP.

You can check the SEO performance and in-depth analysis of your website here:


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