7 Exclusive Email Marketing Methods For Definite Conversion

The process of sending an email to potential customers so as to promote sales is considered as email marketing. Increased use of social networking sites seems to have lowered the usage of email. But, exclusive email marketing continues to be one of the potential marketing strategies. It involves sending ads or any other business related content so as to promote sales to the known list of customers.

Email marketing involves sending either transactional emails or direct emails. Transactional emails are those emails sent by the entrepreneur so as to complete the task initiated by the customer. Direct emails are those sent to the customers so as to offer information about the latest products or offers. As there is increased chance of viewing transactional emails, they are used extensively. Exclusive email marketing is heavily used to build relationship with customers. Here is an overview of seven exclusive email marketing strategies to promote sales.

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Offering valuable content

It is very common for marketers to explain about their business by designing powerful videos, articles and reports and sharing details of the same with customers through email. To grab customer attention they hide some of the valuable data and offer it only to customers who only wish to join their list of valuable customers, take a survey regarding their business or only upon sharing their link to the content on social media sites. These strategies not only improve awareness of the business among customers, but also help marketers to know customer needs and requirements. This exclusive email marketing technique in turn paves path to plan for product improvement.

Choosing a reasonable subject length

Analysis of click through rates of exclusive email marketing shows that the majority of the emails with subject length of 60-70 characters are left unopened. To promote the open rate of the emails, it is essential for marketers to frame a powerful subject line within 50 characters.

Sending the emails at right time

Research shows that marketing emails sent during business hours of 9:00AM to 5:00 PM are less opened compared to those sent after 8:00 PM. Exclusive email marketing between 8:00 PM to midnight promotes businesses better as customers reading the emails are free during this time to know more information and even make sales if the product seems highly interesting to them. Sending emails during a weekend or on holidays would have an even higher conversion rate.

Exclusive Email Marketing Conversion

Building relationship

Building relationship with the potential customers is a perfect strategy to promote the business. Building a relationship through exclusive email marketing does not have to be limited to providing valuable content and offers. Marketers can request the receivers to reply back or fill out a survey enquiring about various details relevant to customer satisfaction etc. Discussing about the business directly with customers enables development of belief towards the products increasing the chances of promoting sales. Never try discussing about things other than your business with the customer or push the customer to make sales through emails.

Design perfect emails that are legible to read

It is very important to design emails that are easy to read and access. With the increasing use of smartphones majority of emails are being read through mobile phones now-a-days. To make the exclusive email marketing advantageous it is recommended to use a larger font, single column template, buttons of 44×44 pixel size and placing tap buttons above the fold line at the center of the screen.

Designer mails

Design emails that are visually attractive. Readers generally stick to visually interesting emails. Hence, design emails with attractive images, fonts and styles. Use graphics to convey more content in a short period. Never include information such as statistical data that are to be interpreted and hard to understand.

Email newsletter

Providing a newsletter that includes the latest information about the business has been observed to grab heavy traffic. This even increases customer’s curiosity to know about future events related to the business. This in turn makes release of new products very simple. Exclusive mail marketing for new launches are a great way to inform present and future customers.

Lastly, the use of exclusive email marketing enables entrepreneurs to reach a long list of customers in a short period and at less cost. To prevent marketing emails from breaking the spam laws, it is recommended to check the consent of receiver in receiving marketing emails.


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