Why Having Consistent Branding Is Important For Your Business

Brand can beconsidered as an amalgam of different attributes of your business that reflects
your business and its existence in the market. For every business, developing
and maintaining its brand name and brand value comes in the forefront of
business. This is more prominent in small and mid level companies.

branding is an important facet that ensures brands get recognized evenly through
various media platforms. Consistent branding in simple words is maintaining the
face value of a brand with uniformity in brands and its products and services. You
can go for an over the top bright colored logo like that of MacDonald’s or you
can use a highly stylized but sober looking one like the “Sony” symbol.

a predefined set of guidelines during for promotion is the first step in
consistent branding. It becomes all the more necessary especially while
establishing the brand symbol. Some businesses like a formal approach to their
customers. Brands like these uses sober brand element for its recognition, like
the half eaten Apple symbol for Apple. On the other hand businesses would also
like to use loud colors in their symbols to get people attracted to it.
Macdonald’s is an obvious example for this kind of branding. Everyday we come
across different businesses that use varied kinds of branding tools. While some
use a logo as a mark of their brand, others may use taglines describing their
products and services and still others may use a mission statement.

branding uplifts and keeps a brand noticeable even in the noise of thousands of

Unique Identification– while branding provides a product
with a unique identity, consistent branding helps maintain this identity. A
brand is successful only when it is able to earn its recognition and gets
noticed by customers. Consistent branding help you get recognized not only in
the local market but the international market as well and create a distinct
identity separate from its competitors. For example – Customers can easily
recognize a half eaten apple to be Apple’s logo. Or a small blue bird to be the
logo of Twitter. These are the niche these products and services have created in
the users mind with their consistent branding.

Establish a Relation– In the initial phase of your
business, your services and products speaks more than the brand. This is because
your brand has not yet gained enough recognition. Once you create a strong band
of loyal customers, you can expect to gain brand recognition.

However, you
have to be careful not to lose customers. They promote your brand through word
of mouth. Delivering low quality services or sudden rise in charges normally
results in customer attrition. Customers are an important promotional tool
without any expenses incurred. Retaining and maintaining customers through
value added services will help you maintain consistent branding and pave the
stone for your future accolades.

a strong bond with your customers will not only help you build and maintain a
consistent branding but also a niche in the market.

Building Trust – Consistent branding helps in
developing trust. When a customer is satisfied with your brand, he or she would
recommend it to their friends and family. This puts not only you product in the
forefront, but also your customer’s reputation at stake.

If you are
successful in delivering a product that the prospective customer is satisfied
with, you help in developing a sense of trust and mutual respect towards each
other. You gain in both ways; adding to your customer base, and earning the
trust of a loyal customer.

Value- Consistent branding helps in creating
a face value of your product. It helps in reminding marketers the basic value
and objective of their business. Sticking to the ultimate objectives is crucial
for success. Value helps in building trust and an exclusive B2C relation.
However, you need to be very careful on the message that you give out to the
customers. Your messages too would be a contributing factor in consistent
branding as customers will be able to identify your brand from the values and
ethics that your follow.

Brands always try to present itself as a
flamboyant element to get noticed. However, a false persona does not help in
maintaining brand consistency as product quality gets compromised. Rather than
trying to achieve a high level, it is better to keep your brands subtle and
natural. This would ensure that you deliver consistent products and thereby
gain in the long-run.

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