Google Webmaster Tool Updates To Make Site Crawling Easier

In a blog publication by Google recently, the search engine announced that two new Google webmaster tool updates have rolled out. These new updates would notify webmasters on any webpage resources that are blocked. This would greatly contribute crawling of search engine spider through these pages.

The Google webmaster tool updates will alert webmasters on the web pages that the search engine spiders as unable to crawl. Hence webmasters can optimize the websites for the algorithm and spiders to index all the pages without fail.
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Google Blocked Resource Report:
This new Google webmaster Tool update helps webmasters in discovering images and JavaScript files that, for some reason, search engine spiders are unable to detect.
When the webmaster clicks on this tool, it displays a row with the hosts that are blocked from crawling. Clicking on this row would display an array of images, CCS, Javascript files, etc that are blocked from crawling.
Latest Google Webmaster Tool Updates
This new Google webmaster tool updates will provide you with detailed insight of the blocked resources too. This tool will also deliver you with a process to resolve the problem to make the resources visible to the search engine spiders and make them crawlable.
New Fetch and Render Tool:
With the new Fetch and Render tool, Google displays the websites from two different perspectives. It shows how different your website appears to a viewer from that of a Google search spider.
In the official Google Webmaster blog, Google described the Fetch and Render tool update as, “When you request a URL be fetched and rendered, it now shows screenshots rendered both as Googlebot and as a typical user. This makes it easier to recognize the issues that significantly influence why your pages are seen differently by Googlebot.”
It becomes easier for a webmaster to analyze a website from both perspectives. The webmaster can make changes and improvements in a site if he finds that the page view by the Googlebot lacks some elements. He can even change or remove some data if he finds them eating up unnecessary space.
The issues that have been highlighted with the new Google webmaster tool updates will result in increased transparency of websites helping in improving the visibility of relevant sites in the SERP.

Google Webmaster Tool Updates To Make Site Crawling Easier


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