Generating Genuine Links Using Infographics In Your Website

Link building is always a challenge for web masters. Generating genuine links to sites that are more technical in nature often find less takers. Viewers often look for sites that have exciting content and compel people to visit as well as share them via the social media.

Infographics is one successful way to attract visiting site and generating genuine links. A strategically created infographic design is bound to attract visitors and thus backlinks to various other sites. A well designed infographics with engaging contents can push our outreach immensely. This will benefit you greatly as with increasing number of backlinks, the visitors to your site too would increase.

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Visual presentation of any form is always more attractive and compelling. And Infographics is one such visual representation where, minimum contents and texts is utilized and presented in a pictorial format that greatly impacts the viewers.

The Lateral Impact:

Link building and generating genuine links does not always depend upon the vigorous promotion that you undertake. Exploring different and newer ideas and presenting them in an infographic design, lures in viewers as well as search engine spiders who are always in the lookout for unique contents. Scooping out interesting contents and presenting them in a story format finds more takers. This arouses the interest of not only casual internet surfers but also from professional sites generating genuine links that are rich.

For example- If you are a designer, an infographic design on various color schemes, their uses and impacts on human behaviour might be a great infographics. Through this you can reach to other web designers as well as industries where colour plays a major role; like Packaging.

Generating Genuine Links Through Infographics

Tell a Story:      

A nicely designed infographics will always attract viewers. However, if you have genuine contents that are engaging, you can see higher traffic and webmasters would be generating genuine links to your site.

But, what should you put in the contents! Web surfers looks out for quality contents that would serve them some purpose. They are not looking for a story. They are not looking for pure statistical data. What they want is a compilation of the both. An infographics would be considered as a good one when it has the right proportion of story and data. It should be attractive as well as informational.

Proactive Outreach:

You may have created a stunning infographics with handpicked content and published it in your site. However, you don’t find many takers for your infographic design. If your site is a low ranking one, getting in too many visitors, will be a tough endeavor for you. In such cases you can opt for hosting your infographics on other sites.

You can simply request the webmasters to host your design in their sites. This serves a two way purpose. With your infographics displayed in other sites you would get some quality backlinks. If your design has good contents, it will automatically pull in more visitors. You can request sites owners to list your site as a source page generating genuine links. Thus your host site gains traffic indirectly benefitting you as well.


You need to work hard to increase visibility if you want your site and your infographics to get noticed. Promoting your contents with SEO and SEM is only half of the work done. If you really want to raise your page ranks and gain visibility, pitching on other similar sites can prove to be helpful.

If you have some quality content at hand, you are bound to find sights that will be ready to share them in their sites. Here you can include links of your landing page that would ensure that interested people are redirected straightway to your site. This indirectly gains you a great follower base. Once your infographics is published, promote it through your social media sites.

Augment Promotion:

One crucial feature for any website to remain existent in the search engines is promotion. Promotion in the search engines are mainly through SEO and SEM. However, for targeting audience on a larger scale, social media is the ideal platform. Periodical promotion on the social media sites ensures that your infographics reaches a greater number of audiences at a time.

Generating genuine links and social share is a great and automated way of proactively promoting your design. If your links are naturally created through the good quality contents of your infographics, it minimizes your chances of being penalized by any algorithm of Google.


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