Integrating Social And CRM Data For Better Ad Performance

If you have an online business, promotion on social media is a must. And to deliver your ads to the relevant audience, it is all the more essential to utilize all the data at hand. This would ensure that the right ad is displayed to the right audience at the right time so that it may result in a conversion. Ads can perform more efficiently, if you have a huge amount of information at your disposal. Achieving this is possible on integrating social and CRM data.

Data are always helpful if you wish to expand your audience as well as see a rise in conversion. However, social media alone cannot suffice you with all the needed data for your ad promotion. For this you need a bit more of information so that you can stand out from your competitors. Integrating social and CRM data gives you the correct mix of information that brings you great traffic as well as maximizes the chances of conversion.
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What is Social Data?
Social media now plays a dominant role is our lives. With the ever increasing effect, of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, promotional platforms for marketers too have grown vividly. However, the effectiveness of social data often gets overlooked even with it providing around 50% of the customer information needed.
If you are into hardcore online marketing, you ought to have multiple numbers of social profiles for your ad promotion. Proper management can lead to a huge number of users in of your profiles. These easily supply you with various analytical information and insights which is quite effective for your ad promotion.
Armed with social data you can easily set targets, strategize and customize your promotional plan and even change your promotional ad altogether. However, these social data reveals the attitudes of a certain group of individuals and not any one in particular. Hence promotion based on social media does not guarantee that it will reach the specific target audience. It is promoted in a generalized pattern to a group of estimated target audience.
Ways Of Integrating Social And CRM Data
What is CRM data?
In order to understand the CRM data we should first have a clear idea of what CRM is all about.
The B2C relation is a fragile one that needs to be nurtured carefully to grow your business. Creating customers is easy. Retaining them however is tough and this forms the main reason for snail pace growth of customer base.
Customer relation management facilitate you the management of information and data of present and prospective clients. CRM data usually takes into account the email addresses and all such activities that customers do using that particular email address.
CRM data is a traditional form of data collection that can be used extensively for marketing and promotion. These data however, is best used for email marketing campaigns. CRM data can be utilized optimally if you plan a customized email marketing campaign. You also have a huge volume of information on who are your loyal customers and your prospective audience. This lets you segment each group easily. You can provide added facilities to your old customers as you know they are the greatest generator of your revenue.
Integrating Social and CRM Data:
Now that you have a clear idea of what Social data and CRM data is all about, let’s show you how you can utilize integrating social and CRM data to your advantage.
You already have two different kinds of data at hand that reveals some psychological trait about your target audience. While the social data reveals the behavior of a set of audience that is or can be your prospective clients, CRM data specifies the audience at a personal level.
Social data is mainly drawn from the activities that users perform on their social profiles. CRM data normally is from present clients and from user who have subscribed to your newsletters etc. Integrating social and CRM data is important as it can be used to directly serve ads to customers whose data match with the integrating social and CRM data.
Few social sites allow you to upload email lists in ad platforms. Ad promotion is simplified and most relevant when these lists match with the emails from the CRM data.
Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular social networking sites, provides you with the option of integrating social and CRM data within your social profile. Once these data matches with the relevant audience, ad promotion are better and more specific.
Integrating social and CRM data would undoubtedly give you great results. However, proper segmenting of data, both social and CRM is necessary to maximize conversion. Hence integrating social and CRM data increases the reach of your social ads and results in high conversion and ROI.

Integrating Social And CRM Data For Better Ad Performance


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