Facebook Internet.Org Targets 100 Countries This Year

Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg had announced in 2013, its plans to expand the use of internet to the entire world. Last year it already had included six countries including India, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Columbia and Zambia in the Facebook Internet.org spectrum. This year, Zukerberg plans to spread the Facebook Internet.org to around 100 countries.

The inclusion of Facebook Intenet.org has already proved to be quite beneficial to the countries in which the facility has been introduced. This has provided people with easier access to health care and information of the local search as well as opened up opportunities for employment without any charges on data.
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What is Internet.org ?
The Internet.org is a project through which Zukerberg aims to connect the entire world with internet. It has collaborated with seven telecommunication giants to fulfill its project. Users of countries where this project will be introduced will easily be able to access the internet through their mobile devices. This mainly includes access to the major sites like Wikipedia and Google.
However, before making the free internet access permissible, the organization will be consulting the Government inquiring the most important sites that needs to be accessible by the users. The countries where Facebook internet.org has already been introduction has experienced a rise in the sale of smartphones as well. Users can access free internet with an app that will be provided with the mobile devices.
Facebook Internet.Org Target
The free internet services provided by Facebook Internet.org however, will be providing just skeletal services. Users will be able to access textual contents only and not images or video files. To access such files, they need to upgrade their plan to a paid version.
Countries that have already been included in the Facebook Internet.org have seen a surprising rise in the use of smartphones. According to Digital Journal, developing countries have seen a 40% rise in people signing up with the local operators.
At a Mobile World Meet recently, Zukerberg announced that it plans to utilize satellites, lasers and drones for connecting that part which is still bereaved of the internet access.
Chris Daniels, VP of Facebook Internet.org said, “We don’t want to focus so much on the number, but we want this to spread to additional countries, operator groups and… see more people coming online, buying data and voice and SMS bundles. The number is indicative of our ambitious goal. We still need to look for willing partners that are ready to go… and are aligned with our vision.”

Facebook Internet.Org Targets 100 Countries This Year


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