Dynamic Features Of Google Maps To Plan Your Road Trip

Ever since the dynamic features of Google Maps came into the scene life has been quite easy. From getting directions to the traffic conditions, you get it all with just a click of a button.

Google maps have evolved greatly from the first time since it was launched. Initially created by Where 2 Technologies in 2004, it was later acquired by Google in the same year. Google then launched Google Maps as an application that helped people get and trace location easily from the internet.

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With years, Google has included many new, fascinating and dynamic features of Google Maps. From real time traffic to street viewer, Google maps now provide you with a whole range of functionality.

Last year, Google launched the latest version with few more dynamic features of Google Maps, with some added features to help users serve with better results.

Embed Maps:

Giving out an address of an office or a hospital is often very confusing. It is quite common for people to land up at wrong addresses. This can be frustrating.  With an embed map, Google Maps resolves this problem.

This feature of Google Maps, allow you to embed the URL of your respective map in your web page. This will let people locate you easily as it will be directly available in your website or blog.

To embed map in your web page, click on the link text that appears on the top right corner of Google maps where your map is displayed. Below the URL, you would find the code which you can embed in your embed tags. Doing this would display your map in the webpage.

Dynamic Features Of Google Maps Icons

Driving Directions and Traffic:

Searching for any location is really simple with the dynamic features of Google maps. But apart from the location, it also provides you with road directions to and from a location. You can ask for the shortest route, the easiest route, route with less traffic congestion etc. Get alternative route directions and places you might want to visit on your way to your destination. For specific areas, you can choose the mode of transport that you want to take, be it car, public transport or simple walking.

The dynamic features of Google Maps also provide you road conditions with the traffic situation for that area. You can get the latest update on the congestion percent and avoid that street.

Your Own Google Map:  

You have recently shifted to a new location. How will your friends find you? Simple! Create your own Google Map. Mark your location on the map using any of the available icons and simply share it with your friends.  This is also great for people hosting an event. Sharing the location of the event with people will ensure that your invitees reach the correct venue effortlessly.

3D Navigation and Street View:  

One of the latest and best most dynamic features of Google maps is the new 3D navigation system. Now you can see buildings and streets in 3D format and explore the destinations that you are about to visit. With the Google street viewer, have the view of a place from a pedestrian perspective as you are able to view the location all 360 degrees.

The launch of Google street view in 2007 in 7 cities across US received huge criticism from public. It was considered as a threat to the privacy of people. However, Google, in order to protect the privacy of people, now blurs out faces and number plates of cars. Though Google street view has rolled out to many other countries, yet it is not considered very effective.

Offline Maps:   

Yes the dynamic features of Google maps let you use maps offline as well. All you have to do is zoom in and save the location in your mobile device by typing “OK Maps” in the Google search box. Once done the map appears each time you open Google maps even when you are offline. You can then easily search through the streets and locate your destination staying offline all the time. This is quite beneficial to locate places even without data connection. The only drawback of offline maps is that it will not show you the direction of your destination or your present location.


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