Google Marketing Tool For Success In-Market Targeting

Majority of the people know Google as a powerful search engine only. But, it has much more to offer than what meets the eyes. It has a variety of powerful tools known as the Google marketing tool that help online marketers attain their targets efficiently with little effort and price.

Each Google marketing tool ease the SEO campaign of the websites by helping in analyzing the keyword usage, estimating the extent of traffic the targeted keywords are bringing to the website, improve SEO ranking of the website, share information across marketing groups working at various location etc. The best part of these marketing tools is majority of them are free of cost and easy to use. Here is an insight in to the success stories of various Google in-marketing tools.
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Google My Business
This is one of the top most efficient Google marketing tool to grab some free advertising. Getting listed in Google My Business helps you find a place in local business search results. This has attracted many small entrepreneurs as they can see their website listed in local search results without paying for the ads. With this Google marketing tool marketers are able to provide updated information about their business, obtain feedback from their customers, respond to customer queries and also identify from where their customers are coming.
Google Webmaster Tool
Getting listed in Google search results requires websites to use white hat SEO strategies. But, employing an SEO expert is expensive. Small entrepreneurs who wish to do SEO of their business site on their own can use Google webmaster tool to know if their site is adhering to. Google search engine rules, identify the search queries being used by the customers. It identifies the pages the website is linked with and know pages of the website that are inaccessible to the search engines. This tool also identify keywords that are to be used in the website for site optimization. All these make the Webmaster tool, one of the best Google marketing tools to use.
Google Marketing Tools
Google AdWords
Investing in pay per click programs is expensive. The Google AdWords tool is one such Gogle marketing tool which helps in improving the search engine ranking. Here the marketer designs the ads using keywords specific to the business and these ads appear above the organic search results. The cost of advertising depends on the competitiveness of the keyword being used. The benefit of this tool is you have to pay only when user clicks on the ad. In addition to the pricing benefits, this Google marketing tool is helping marketers know the effective keyword combination to be used in the ads.
Google Adwords Keyword Planner
Success of organic SEO depends on the keywords used in the design of the website which in turn depends on this Google marketing tool. The Google Adwords keyword planner helps to identify keywords that are to be used in ads. It can also be used to identify keywords that can be used to improve organic search results. It gives the keywords basing on relevancy to the business and monthly search results.
Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms
Certain marketing strategies require team efforts. Using Google docs, sheets, slides, people located at various places can share information such as market analysis and survey reports efficiently so as to accomplish the team work successfully. This Google marketing tool can be very beneficial for same businesses operating at different locations.
Google Alerts
It is very important to respond whenever your brand is specified online. But identifying or knowing every time someone cites your brand is difficult. Using Google Alerts marketers are able to answer to online citations of their brand in time. Whenever someone quotes the brand, then an email is sent via RSS immediately. This Google marketing tool helps to maintain an online rating of your brand on top of the list.
Google Calendar
It is the responsibility of the marketer to handle multiple tasks every day. Hence, it is important to keep track of them. Google Calendar helps to keep track of daily events and even share the schedule whenever needed to make it easy to communicate with the team. It even helps to schedule conferences.
In addition to the above listed Google marketing tools, Google has many other tools to offer for marketers. Google voice, Google news and YouTube are few other Google marketing tools that are helping millions of marketers plan their marketing strategies effectively so as to withstand the competition in their niche. From the above discussion, it can be seen that Google In-marketing tools are a big success.

Google Marketing Tool For Success In-Market Targeting


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