Geo-Targeting Through Social Media For Better Reach

Increased availability of internet services is encouraging increased use of web services for marketing. With the advent of social media websites, the process of marketing has improved greatly. And with has risen the concept of geo-targeting through social media for better audience response. Currently, Social media marketing is one of the major marketing strategies for majority of the entrepreneurs.

Geo-targeting through social media is a novel marketing strategy aimed at increasing traffic to the website by utilizing social media sites. It mainly concentrates on publishing effective content specific to a particular region so as to draw attention of readers. Informative content gets shared on social networks in a very short time. Hence, Geo-targeting through social media is being extensively used by entrepreneurs across the globe. Here is an overview of top 5 nations using Geo-targeting through social media effectively.

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United States of America ranks number one in using social media websites. Among the various social media sites, Facebook is being used extensively making it the major platform for marketing. Statistics of 2014 shows that majority of users of social networks belong to the United States. Small businesses are using Facebook as the major channel for all business to community activities and for improving customer loyalty.

Statistical data show that about $7.52bn is spent social media marketing. It is estimated that about $17.34bn would be spent on social media marketing by 2019. With increasing number of users the potential of geo-targeting through social media is expected to increase further.


Next to the USA, it is Brazil that is observed to have the greatest number of social network users. The numbers are expected to increase drastically in coming years compared to USA. The increasing popularity of social media usage in Brazil has made geo-targeting through social media in the social media capital of the world quite easy.

Statistical data show that 97 percent of internet users use social media and time spent on Facebook by internet users has reported a stupendous growth of 208 percent in 2013. The ongoing growth of social media usage is in turn is encouraging marketers use social media as their primary marketing channel. About 77 percent of internet users of Brazil prefer using online shopping.

Geo-Targeting Through Social Media Accounts


Numbers of people using the internet are growing tremendously in India and with it is growing the trend of geo-targeting through social media. Statistical data on the internet and social media usage shows that about 88 percent of internet users are sharing their profile on social media sites and are spending more time on social media sites. This in turn is paving way for social media marketing and geo-targeting through social media.

Of the various social media sites Facebook is being used extensively. It is estimated that India would rank top in using Facebook by the end of 2015. Online businesses in India are using social media sites for building their customer community by ge-targeting through social media, posting interesting content on fans page and by posting social media ads.

It is observed that majority of businesses interested in social media are investing approximately 5% of their marketing budget on social media advertising, geo-targeting being a major part of the campaigns.


Indonesia, currently the fourth largest among users of social media sites such as Facebook is giving a stiff competition to Brazil. Apart from the increased use of social media for digital communication, e-commerce is also experiencing a growth spurt. Businesses are using social media for geo-targeting by use of region specific advertising and sponsored pages. Statistical data show that mig33, a mobile social network platform for playing games, online shopping and chatting is reported to have 40 million users.

Apart from having a great number of users, it is also reported to generate good revenue of about US$3 per user per month that is about 400% more than the revenue generated by Facebook per user in Asia.


Social networking is growing fast in Mexico and is expected to have about 52.9 million users by 2016. Social marketing reports also show a steady growth in the use of social media for geo-target marketing.

Given the power of social network and the associated geo-location marketing it is highly recommended for online entrepreneurs to target global audience through social media to promote business. Use of social media for business promotion definitely gives good results in a short period than traditional marketing strategies.


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