Fundamentals Of An Effective Landing Page Design To Keep Your Viewers Hooked

An effective landing page design however has some added functionalities. Apart from keeping your customers hooked to the web page, it also serves the purpose of pushing your customers to complete an action. The action should not necessarily always be buying a product or service. It can also be subscribing to newsletters, registering to a new site, posting a comment etc.

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Below are few fundamentals of an effective landing page design that you can incorporate to generate greater traffic to your page and your site.

Informative landing page

A customer looking for information is one of the best and easiest to convert. If a customer looks for information in relation to any product or service, he intends to purchase it at some point of time. Blogs are quite effective here. You can provide your customers information of the type that they are looking for. Try using simple languages in your blog as these might be read by amateurs as well.

You can create topic specific landing pages. For example – our blog section has been categorized according to the specifications of the reader’s choice. Readers can go through the information of their choice directly from the home page. An effective landing page design takes the customer directly to the information without much delay.

Subscribing landing page

An effective landing page design is such that brings in viewers who spend a major amount of time on your site. And what is better than to make your viewer subscribe to your site. Blogs are a good place to position your subscription form. But the majority of subscription can be drawn from your landing pages. An effective landing page design must always include an email list opt-in form. A subscription landing page puts the customer’s focus entirely on the email listing form. It presents a situation where opting in would give the customers a chance of a life time that is hard to miss.

Effective Landing Page Design Guide

For a subscribing landing page, the most effective landing page design is the one with a strong headline. Post attractive images or a sample of your product but remember not to stuff it up with too many contents. A compact form is best to draw in optimum result.

Social network landing page    

You often find customers who visit your webpage through the social networking sites. However, when a customer clicks on one of your links, they normally land on your home page. Though this increases the click through rates, the conversion rates are not quite high. This is because the customer clicks on the link with some expectation which fails to meet when they land on the homepage. Hence link your social media advertising with landing pages that are quite compelling and would lead to more conversions.

The landing pages that link your social profile should have a personal touch to it. It should provide brief information about your business and your goals and also the products and services provided and contact information. An effective landing page design should have a compelling call to the action button. This forms one of the most effective features of a landing page that leads to conversion.

Guest post page

Guest posts are great way to generate traffic. These not only pull in viewers but also tend to push your conversion rate. However, proper direction of these visitors is necessary to make them visit your site regularly.  Each unique visitor would come to your site to solve some purpose. Understand the psychology of the traffic. Design landing pages that would serve the purpose of the visitors. Create links that redirect these visitors to the aforesaid landing pages.

Thank you page

You might think that including a Thank You page in your site would be a waste. But this landing page sometimes proves one of the most effective ways to generate more returns. After a complete process of sales, subscription or email opt-in, a customer or prospect is normally redirected to a Thank You page.  A common thank you page normally consists of just a thank you message. But, is not wasting an entire webpage just for a note of thanks, illogical?

Optimize your thank you landing page with some effective features. Add on some of your latest products or services. Publish about your latest ventures. An effective landing page design should always push your customers to return to your site. Involve your customers more to your site as it would help in boosting your site’s page rank.


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