Five Strategies For Retaining Online Customers

Creating new customers is tough, retaining them is tougher. Study shows that online businesses often lose a significant percent of customers. This is just because of the failure in retaining online customers. Though marketers put in more stress to create new customers, losing the present customers may prove to be fatal for your business.

The rising cost of customer acquisition has prompted marketers to focus more on retaining online customers who are not real time customers. Customers would leave your site if they are dissatisfied with your services or products. They might also leave if they feel that the after-sale services provided by you are not what you had promised. Hence your customer creation and retention needs to be dynamic enough to create a wider customer base.
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Retaining online customers is simple if you keep in mind few basic aspects.
Minimize attrition
Your customer base is never stagnant. It keeps varying according to the changing quality of work you deliver. However, it is necessary that the numbers do not fluctuate drastically. Your product or service may not always be the best. Your competitors might surpass you time and again. However, if you continue to deliver your best services, the number of customers leaving you for your competitors would gradually reduce.
Still there will be a small number who would be leaving your site. Try to reduce this leakage. Marketers often invest highly on creating new customers. Yet, once the initial business relation develops, marketers often tend to ignore these customers, focusing on newer customer creation. The most effective way to increase your customer base is by minimizing attrition through satisfactory delivery of products or services.
Sell and re-sell
The main purpose for you to create new customers is to sell your products. However, with the dynamic scenario, selling of one single product will leave you nowhere. You need to deliver varying products or services to keep remaining highlighted in the search engines. The relationship between customer and marketer does not end with the delivery of the product.
You need to retain your old customers as they would help in your promotion, if you launch something new. This is because they are well aware of your services and recognize your brand. If you launch a new product, they would be the first customers as they are well aware of your product quality. Hence, retaining online customers proves to be fruitful.
Service integrity
Retaining Online Customers For Business
Service ethics and integrity forms an integral part of any business. This multiplies manifolds in the virtual world. Online market is a place where buyers and marketers do not meet face-to-face. All transactions are performed virtually and with a mutual trust. Retaining this trust and the customers definitely call for excellent service ethics.
A transparent mode of transaction is necessary to gain customer’s trust. There must be uniformity in what you say and what you do. Luring in customers with false promises and not delivering them what you promise would not only hamper your business in the long run but your site too will be penalized by the search engines.
Service integrity is important for retaining online customers. Your business will flourish when you have customers who trust you and you take a genuine interest in them.
Your customer is the best critic of your services. It is more so if they are with you for a long. They can judge your services through the years. They can also provide you valuable suggestions that you can implement in your website.
Send regular review forms to your old customers. Seek their thoughts and views. This makes them feel that they are an important part of your business. It makes them feel wanted. Recognizing your customer’s views and thoughts is a great way for retaining online customers.
Satisfied customers would generally return back to you if their first experience with you was good. They would always want to have more information on various products that you deliver. Here is where blogs come in handy. Try publishing articles at regular intervals and on topics that would engage your customers and add value to your products. Make sure to be consistent while writing blogs. Don’t include irrational and bogus topics. Blogs are a great way to develop relations as well as retaining online customers.

Five Strategies For Retaining Online Customers


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