Blogger Would Allow Nudity With Warning Page – Revised Policy

Just a few days after announcing new policies regarding posts of sexually explicit contents, Blogger has yet again revised its policies. Google announced that its blogging site, Blogger would allow nudity and sexually explicit images to be posted by its users according to the new revised policy, but it must be curtained behind a warning page.

Blogger, along with Reddit had announced a few days back that it is considering stringent measures to curtail posting of nude contents. The decision to do so was because of the series of celebrity photo hacks from cloud platforms like the iCloud and Dropbox.

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Reddit was the first social media site, where personal images of various Hollywood celebrities in compromising positions, were posted. This had put a big question mark on the safety of the cloud storage platforms as well as the privacy policies of the social media sites.

While some social media absolutely bans nudity, few allow them with restrictive measures and some are quite liberal.

Blogger Would Allow Nudity With Warning

Blogger announced that it will strictly filter the images and videos, and remove any offensive posts from public viewing. Users of Blogger were requested to remove any such images to prevent their profile being blocked from public view by 23rd March.

However, even before the aforesaid policy could be implemented, Google’s blogging site revised its policies yet again. It announced that Blogger would allow nudity, but with few content warnings.

According to the new statement by Google, Blogger would allow nudity and users can post sexually explicit contents but it needs to be marked as “adult”. The blogs should also contain a warning page with “adult content” marked.

Google had said earlier that, instead of deleting the Blogger profiles of users, it will just be blocking them from public view. However, profile owners can send individual invites to different users. This was a major reason for users to criticize the policy. Blogger users said that sending individual request to other users would be really difficult especially for users who have many followers. This was majorly the reason why Blogger would allow nudity in its blog post contents.

Reddit, the social bookmarking site, too had announced that it will remove any explicit contents, if users requests so. Also, for posting of such contents, the individual’s consent will be required. Users can send request to Reddit at for the removal of any such contents.


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