Key Work Ethics Of A Logo Design Agency

Like any other professional organization, a logo design agency should also follow certain work ethics to become successful and to remain in the good books of the clients. Work ethics vary with profession, culture and the community you live in or work with. Hence, it is important for an agency to frame its own code of ethics without leaving room for conflicts and misinterpretations. Here is a short list of key work ethics to be adopted by a logo design agency.

The work ethics of a logo design agency can be divided into three different categories: ethics to be followed towards clients, ethics to be followed towards fellow logo designers and ethics to be followed towards users.

Logo design agency accountability to clients

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1. The logo to be designed should give a unique identification to the client business. It should be free from plagiarism, i.e. it should not be copied from any existing templates or other logo designs related to relevant products.

2. The agency should handover complete rights of logo usage to the client after completing the designing. The agency should neither reuse the logo for designing other logos nor sell it for another client.

3. Logo design agency should not reveal the details of its customers’ business, contact details or any other confidential information.

4. The agency should work as per the requirements of the client and within the professional limits.

5. Logo design agency should clearly provide all the details such as cost, estimated design time and other requisite details without hiding. There should not be any hidden costs.

6. The design agency should not mislead the clients by providing wrong information related to the available services, qualifications, business partnerships, expertise or standards of available services.

7. The agency should provide a logo that is perfect for use over the web or for printing.

Responsibilities of a logo design agency towards other logo designers

Ethics For Logo Design Agency

1. The agencies should not adopt unfair means in designing the logos so as to win over other logo designing agencies.

2. It is the responsibility of the logo design agency to ensure that the work being accepted belongs to the client, especially when the work is being taken from a competitor.

3. Logo design agency should not claim ownership of the work that is done by others. They should not use others work as a sample or for displaying the work to clients. If the agency uses others work, then it should clearly mention the source.

4. The agency should not claim sole ownership of the work that is done with assistance from other agencies. The agency should provide the details of all the people involved in the work.

5. The agency should not criticize the work of other logo designing organization so as to grab the clients. Any criticism given to others work should be objective.

Logo design agency responsibility towards society

1. The agency should ensure that all of its work does not harm the society in terms of health or safety. The work it delivers should pass the intended message to the intended audience.

2. The agency should take care that the logo they design conveys information about clients’ business appropriately. The logo should not guide the pubic wrongly. Misleading logos may harm the society.

3. The agency should be responsible while designing the logo. It should ensure that the logo is not offensive or insulting any specific community, race, culture or gender.

A Logo design agency that adopts these key ethics can deliver efficient work and would definitely stand out of the crowd.


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