Flip Sides Of Facebook For Business

The appeal of using Facebook as a business tool is undeniable. The social media website has accrued more than 1 billion global users since its inception in 2004, and many of them visit the site on a daily basis. Facebook also uses complex algorithms that match advertisements to specific users to match their personalities. It’s not all good news, however and Facebook might not be the perfect home for the needs of all businesses. There are a few flip sides of Facebook as well.


Facebook may have access to an enormous number of users, but that doesn’t mean they are an appropriate target for your business. Advertisements on Facebook are often cited as nothing more than a distraction, with users more interested in socializing with friends than searching for commercial solutions.

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One of the most prominent flip sides of Facebook is that the ads on the social site also have poor reputation, especially considering the number of low-quality commercials that flood the site. Advertising works on a bidding system, making it harder for smaller businesses with limited funds to compete with larger corporations.


Just because someone clicks “Like” on your page does not guarantee that she will see your updates in her Facebook news feed. In an effort to give users more control over their Facebook experience, the social networking site allows people to unsubscribe from a page’s updates.

When a user unsubscribes from your updates, your new posts will be hidden from her news feed, so she will only see your posts if she actively visits your page. This makes it impossible to know exactly how many people are actually viewing your posts in their news feeds, so you cannot accurately measure impressions. Adds to the flip sides of Facebook when used for business.

Negative content and spam

Flip Sides Of Facebook In Business

Facebook pages require a lot of maintenance — whether that’s interacting with users, deleting spam or removing false or malicious content. Negative or aggressive comments from other users could mistakenly be associated with your business or could drive your audience away through their offensiveness. Yet another among the flip sides of Facebook!

Users could also flood your Facebook page with spam, reducing the effectiveness of your message and making your brand seem less professional.

Business groups aren’t popular

Creating a group for your company seems like an ideal way to grow your business without having to spend a penny. But the reality is that outside of close friends and family, Facebook users are more likely to join groups that affect their home or social lives rather than those created for business purposes.

Groups also offer limited control and no statistical feedback, making it difficult to find out whether you are making a connection with your target demographic. Even your subscribers have the option of hiding your updates, so you’ll never know for certain who is viewing your content. This again counts with the flip sides of Facebook.

Lack of control

Although Facebook provides a large user base that you can potentially cultivate, you are still just another member of the Facebook community. Facebook is the master of its own domain and can change the rules at any time, either increasing the cost of advertising, tweaking its privacy policies or deleting your page without warning. This is one of the flip sides of Facebook and a lack of control and customization can stifle your business. This will make it difficult to turn your followers into dedicated customers.

Time consumption

Utilizing a Facebook page as a part of your digital strategy is very time-consuming if done right. In addition to watching out for negative comments, a business should respond promptly to any questions or positive suggestions posed by customers. Because Facebook is up and running 24 hours a day, posts may accumulate quickly. If a business’s Facebook engagement grows, it may even become necessary to designate an employee strictly to social media duties. This might not be realistic for some companies, making it unreasonable to properly manage a Facebook page while adding to the flip sides of Facebook.


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