Ten Signs Why You Should Invest In SEO Campaign

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional to get it done, you definitely need to consider a quality SEO campaign. Here are 10 obvious signs that indicate a compulsory need for investment in SEO campaign.
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1. Your site is badly coded
Sites get regular updates and are constantly changing but few sites deal with the old URLs that get left behind. These left out URLS can affect your Google ranking as these may point to dead end pages. This could just be one side effect arising from a bad coding. Having a good SEO campaign in order will identify and root out these problems before their consequences become disastrous.
2. Your landing pages are not efficient
The use of so many plugins and add-ons can lead to inefficient landing pages that are indexed and measured by Google. These pages also complicate the process of sorting out the real pages from low quality pages thus bloating your indexed URL count. SEO techniques can avoid such situations by enabling only your high quality pages to be indexed and measured by Google.
3. You have poor content
Poor content does not mean less informative or unrelated content. Even when your content is highly thought provoking and creative, it may not be able to get the intended job done because it was not optimized for search engine marketing. The success of your content lies in its ability to reach the target audience. A good SEO campaign would provide better visibility and allows your content to be easily accessible to the audience thus fulfilling your marketing goals.
4. Your pages load slowly
A slow site has limited users and many users will not prefer to stay on a website with the speed of a snail. Your sites must be optimized to load efficiently and with optimized speed with all types of browsers and bandwidths. Google gives importance to site loading times as this can affect user experience. Considering a good SEO campaign can optimize your pages to have better load times.
5. Google is able to differentiate you from your competitors
Quality SEO Campaign
This is a sad situation when your website is not ranking for your brand name. This might happen too often in the world of search engines as your brand name may bear a close resemblance to similar brand names and other companies. The search terms may lead to websites that are not yours leading to potential damage to your income source. But such a situation can be easily tackled with the help of a proper SEO campaign.
6. You can track your leads
Without a good SEO campaign, it is really difficult to get an idea of how leads are generated and where they come from. As lead generation is very important for achieving your business goals, having data on lead generation also becomes important.
7. You need to provide local services
Search engines have grown to become more inclined to provide local services in the recent years. It is an advantageous trend for small business owners as they can benefit from the most potential buyers by serving the local community. So what is the best way to achieve this? You guessed it right: launch a good SEO campaign.
8. You competitors are using SEO
When you do have competitors you must have everything that will help you stay ahead. When most of your competitors are employing SEO for better results, you cannot sit behind and count on luck to have success.
9. Your PPC campaigns are getting very costly
The PPC and SEO campaign complement each other and you can achieve good results from both only when they exist in good harmony with each other. You should know which method is the best in a given situation. While PPC can give instant results it can be a costly investment. SEO on the other hand is a long term strategy. You can substitute PPC with SEO in a proper balance to have higher returns.
10. You require better accessibility
You need to take advantage of changing trends like the increased use of mobile devices to access internet. Mobile SEO can be the right solution that will help you optimize your content for small screens and makes you searchable on mobile devices.

Ten Signs Why You Should Invest In SEO Campaign


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